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Telx introduces the first cryptocurrency SIM card wallet

Telx enables customers around the world to send cryptocurrency transactions via SMS with their first dedicated crypto phone number. No smart phone, internet connection, app or long wallet address’s required.

At Telx our goal is to make transacting digital currency as easy and accessible as possible. This means creating solutions that technical and non technical people alike can adopt. We believe there is tremendous synergy between payments and messaging.


Telx SIM’s work in over 180 countries. Send transactions across national borders via SMS seamlessly. See the list of supported countries.

No internet

Because the SIM uses telecommunication towers, no internet or smartphone applications are required.


The Telx SIM card works in any cellular connected device, whether that be a feature phone or smart phone.


We offer unlimited SMS messaging and put no caps on the amount of messages you can send and receive each month.

Multi Currency

We currently support Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Zcash, and Bitcoin cash

Phone number

Your new Telx phone number acts as your digital currency address. No longer do you need to type or copy and paste long wallet address’s. Just send an SMS to any phone number whether they are a Telx customer or not.


  • Only transactions coming from your SIM will be accepted.
  • Outgoing transactions are protected by a user chosen PIN number.
  • Backup keys are provided after activation in case of loss or theft.

As the digital money revolution continues its rise across the world, we hope to make the barrier of entry that much easier for every day people. Get your SIM for only $17.

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The first cryptocurrency SIM card wallet.

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