[ANN] GUHADA Token Airdrop Snapshot Event

Jul 23 · 3 min read

Dear TEMCO community,

Thank you again for the supporting TEMCO.

As we’ve mentioned, TEMCO’s GUHADA Token Airdrop Snapshot will be conducted on July 26th, 2019.

The GUHADA Token Airdrop Snapshot event is for the current TEMCO token holders, and the airdrop will be distributed based on the ratio of 1 TEMCO per 10 GUHADA.

The snapshot of GUHADA token airdrop will be done on July 26th, 2019 at 14:00 KST/GMT+9. (A slight time difference may occur.)

Participants must hold TEMCO tokens throughout the snapshot point (+/- 12 hours margin of error) in order to receive or qualify for the airdrop distribution that will happen after the GUHADA platform launches.

The airdrop snapshot event will not affect the current roadmap for the development, the circulation amount of TEMCO tokens and the token economy. The event is to support the growth of future participants of TEMCO’s ecosystem and the active participation in GUHADA platform.


  1. Per 1 TEMCO token, 10 GUHADA tokens receivable.
  2. The snapshot: July 26th, 2019 14:00 KST/GMT+9 (A slight time difference may occur.)
  3. The wallets with more than 10,000 TEMCO tokens will be eligible for the airdrop.
  4. TEMCO tokens in other platforms (such as Bitsonic, Cobak, Nexybit, BITTREX International, CoinBene, etc.) needs to be transferred to the supporting wallets or exchanges in order to be eligible for the GUHADA token airdrop snapshot event.
  5. You can participate in the GUHADA tokens airdrop with supporting exchanges and personal wallets as follow.

※ The actual airdrop event will have +/- 12 hours margin of error, depending on the network or GUHADA airdrop supporting platform’s situation. The snapshot that will be performed by the platform (exchanges/Bitberry), is based on the platform’s discretion. For the safe results of the airdrop event, we suggest that it is best to keep the TEMCO tokens in the wallets -/+ 12 of the snapshot point.


The concept of GUHADA token is that it plays a role as TEMCO’s points. The users of TEMCO’s ecosystem can be rewarded with GUHADA tokens through the acknowledgment of transparent and active participation (review, authenticity verification, payment, comments, questions, etc.) in the ecosystem. The users of the ecosystem can utilize GUHADA tokens to make payments and convert them to TEMCO tokens, and such involvement will create a smooth transition of the users to GUHADA platform, creating active TEMCO ecosystem.

※ TEMCO points are rewards that can be received through the contribution within the platform.

TEMCO: Innovative Supply Chain Data Management and E-Commerce platform through Blockchain and Smart Contract Technology.

▶TEMCO Chatroom: https://t.me/temcolabs
▶TEMCO Official Website: https://temco.io


Blockchain based Supply Chain Data Management and E-commerce Open Market Platform


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Blockchain-based Supply Chain Data Management and E-commerce Open Market Platform.



Blockchain based Supply Chain Data Management and E-commerce Open Market Platform

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