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TEMCO made a partnership with Logistics X to globally expand its presence and support uniting supply chain projects and experts around the world to form an alliance, GSLA.

TEMCO team made an MOU with Logistics X, a company that envisions to set forth a global standard for communications between logistics stakeholders to increase efficiency, transparency, and security in the global parcel delivery network.

Coming from this partnership, TEMCO, Logistics X, and few other companies involved in supply chain and logistics Industry made a decision to create an alliance together, to be recognized as “GSLA”, Global Supply Chain and Logistics Alliance.

GSLA is working on solving a supply chain management problem across the globe by alliancing with industry experts.

Through the efforts of GSLA, the goals of advancement of a supply chain & logistics technologies and strategy, improve awareness, ultimate recognition of problem-solving through the technology informatization of supply chain and logistics need, and an extension to the same industry business network line globally will be reached.

Erik Cheong, COO of Logistics X stated, “GSLA will promote not only localized blockchain projects within their parameters but expand globally.”

Scott Yoon, CEO of TEMCO mentioned that “GSLA alliance was made to study and solve the existing problems of the current supply chain industry. In light of expanding localization to the global setting, GSLA is formed to share localized information, such as regulations, cultures, and more.”

[About TEMCO]

TEMCO is the world’s first bitcoin(RSK) based decentralized supply chain platform that connects isolated supply chain data and offers business/consumer side services. On the business side, TEMCO provides companies with the Business Intelligence tool (BI-tool), an analytics tool that helps companies efficiently access and gain insights from data on the blockchain. On the consumer-side, TEMCO is developing applications where consumers can transparently view the distribution process starting from the manufacturer to the final retail location.

[About Logistics X]

Logistics X aims to utilize blockchain technology to create a decentralized platform that will transform last-mile logistics. We envision that the trustless nature of our platform will provide the foundation for a harmonized ecosystem, between the different stakeholders involved in the last-mile process such as the third-party logistics companies, e-commerce retailers, logistics couriers and end recipients.

“TEMCO: Supply Chain Powered by Bitcoin Network, RSK”

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