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[BLOG] Blockchain Mass Adoption, TEMCO and Klaytn

TEMCO’s partnership with Klaytn

TEMCO recently made partnerships with Klaytn, a blockchain company under Ground X, the subsidiary of №1 mobile messenger application company Kakao. Klaytn is expecting to launch its mainnet on June 27th and on June 3rd, Klaytn has created the very first block, a genesis block of its blockchain.

Kakao, entering the blockchain market

Kakao currently has both feet in many industries including finance, payment, distribution and more, progressing the company’s domination in the mobile application ecosystem. In addition, Kakao is the first IT company in Korea that made 16 billion in assets. Kakao is continuing its business growth through diverse services other than KakaoTalk, such as Kakao Friends, Kakao Pay, Kakao Mobility, and more. Continuing its momentum, Kakao introduced its subsidiary company, Ground X.

So, why did Kakao enter the blockchain space? According to CEO Jason Han, Ground X has been made to globally expand Kakao’s blockchain business. Kakao decided to enter the blockchain industry believing that it is necessary for expanding its overall presence into new areas and to competitively expand into the global market.

Kakao’s subsidiary company, “Ground X”

Although there are numerous innovative blockchain projects in the world, to execute the mass adoption of the technology there are many issues that need to be resolved. Accordingly, Ground X plans on solving such issues and promoting the mass adoption of blockchain technology.

Ground X promotes DX (Developer Experience) by providing a developer-friendly environment to companies. The blockchain platform Klaytn, with a UX/UI environment for all users. Ground X is focused on developing a blockchain platform that is practical with high scalability that users with minimum knowledge about the blockchain are able to use.

Klaytn, provider of 400 million user-base commercialized blockchain services

CEO Jason Han of Ground X revealed the service plans and the goals for Klaytn at the “Klaytn Partners Day”. At the event, Han mentioned about the reasons why the blockchain technology has not been commercialized. He emphasized the fact that there are not enough channels that give blockchain projects access to users.

Klaytn is currently focused on acquiring channels that can recruit a mass amount of users for facilitating the spread of commercialized services. Klaytn has already recruited 50 million users from Kakao, and the users gained through the partnership are close to 400 million. Through such user bases, Ground X plans on developing a platform that everyday users can easily use, even without much knowledge about blockchain.

The current partners of Klaytn possess innovative business models with high competitiveness. At this point, it is a great notion that TEMCO is partners with Klaytn, as TEMCO differentiates from other partners in preparing for facilitating the mass adoption of blockchain technology to everyday users.

TEMCO & Ground X, facilitating mass adoption

As mentioned previously, Ground X will provide an environment for companies and developers with not much professional knowledge about blockchain technology to be able to conveniently utilize the technology. Through such, Ground X will lead the mass adoption of the blockchain technology to everyday users.

Selected for the Singapore government supported startup accelerating program, TEMCO is currently developing GUHADA. The platform will add fuel to Ground X’s motive for mass adoption of the blockchain. GUHADA is being developed on the basis of supporting users with difficulties in understanding the blockchain technology. Easy blockchain service and top-notch security through the use of UX/UI design make GUHADA appealing to new users.

Furthermore, GUHADA is acquiring channels that can give access to numerous users. GUHADA is working toward gaining 800 offline stores, 40,000 sellers and 1 million users. As mentioned, through the stable and large user base, TEMCO is planning on developing GUHADA platform that everyday users can easily use.

As such, Ground X and TEMCO both are working on spreading the value of blockchain through each of their services, leading to mass adoption of the blockchain. Furthermore, through the partnership, GUHADA is utilizing Klaytn’s blockchain technology to develop an exceptional platform.

TEMCO: Innovative Supply Chain Data Management and E-Commerce platform through Blockchain and Smart Contract Technology.

▶TEMCO Chatroom: https://t.me/temcolabs
▶TEMCO Official Website: https://temco.io



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