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Blockchain technology penetrating into everyday life

For some time, blockchain has been regarded as a technology that is difficult to use in general. However, there has been tremendous progress in the commercialization of blockchain technology during the first half of this year. Such a trend is expected to continue in the second half of the year as well. With the accelerated commercialization of blockchain technology, various industries are using blockchain to improve their existing systems and it is becoming more integrated into everyday life.

Samsung unveils blockchain services for Galaxy S10

In February, Samsung Electronics installed a cryptocurrency hotwallet on its Galaxy S10, which was highly expected to contribute to the commercialization of blockchain-based applications. On the 8th this month, Samsung Electronics unveiled more blockchain-based services available on the Galaxy S10. Samsung Electronics first introduced 6 blockchain apps in its Galaxy S10 Wallet and announced plans to expand its service coverage in the future. Galaxy S10 is expected to improve the accessibility of various blockchain services.

Facebook, driving blockchain commercialization through Libra

In June, the Whitepaper on Facebook’s cryptocurrency project “Libra” was released and attracted heightened attention by the public. Facebook has announced plans to release its digital wallet Calibra, saying it will “pay bills with a click of a button, scan the code, buy a cup of coffee, and use public transportation without cash or a pass.” As Facebook predicts, next year Facebook’s “Libra” will make it easier for everyone, including 1.7 billion people in the financially underprivileged, to use real-life, blockchain-based financial services.

Klaytn, offering blockchain services

Klaytn, one of TEMCO’s partners and as a Kakao’s blockchain platform developed by Ground X, is also expected to lead the blockchain commercialization. Klaytn has recently unveiled a number of services available in everyday life. Klaytn will work with its initial partners in diverse fields to provide services related to beauty, insurance, webtoons, and eating habits.

GUHADA, a blockchain service to enjoy in everyday life

GUHADA, the blockchain-based e-commerce platform that is expected to launch in September of this year, allows anyone using the platform to easily utilize blockchain for everyday activities. Facilitating the commercialization of blockchain through the integration of blockchain into everyday life.

1. Luxury market community

The GUHADA platform provides a luxury market community forum that can share not only luxury product information but also the new fashion trends. Users can earn “points” as a reward for their participation in the community. The platform plans to facilitate creating a vibrant luxury market community by encouraging users to participate voluntarily.

2. User-friendly e-commerce platform

GUHADA composes functions that are user-friendly within the platform. From the development to the detailed research, the GUHADA’s development team has been thoroughly investigating consumers’ preferences and will continue to improve GUHADA service based on user feedback, even after the launch. In addition, GUHADA is built with an optimized product search function so that users can find the product easily and quickly.

3. Convenient distribution history inquiry

The secondary market continues to grow every year, but there are many risks, such as purchasing counterfeit goods due to opaque information and purchasing of degraded goods due to flawed transactions. On the GUHADA platform, these risk factors are minimized through the blockchain. The blockchain-based supply chain data management system enables the buyer to transparently inquire product related information such as the detailed distribution history of the luxury goods and whether the product is genuine.

4. Insurance Services

GUHADA provides blockchain-based insurance services to prepare for counterfeit sales. By using blockchain, the complicated and cumbersome insurance claim process is simplified and easily accessible. The system in the platform records all the processes from the insurance application to the receipt of the insurance in the blockchain. Thus, if someone happens to purchase a counterfeit product on the platform, he or she may quickly receive compensation for the financial damages.

As a result, the blockchain-based applications are spread out around the world as the technology itself is becoming more and more accessible. When GUHADA platform launches in September, it is expected that luxury product buyers and sellers will conveniently use the blockchain-based e-commerce platform, GUHADA’s services. A change in the luxury market platform industry is highly expected through the launch of GUHADA that utilizes various innovative technologies.

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