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[BLOG] TEMCO’s IT service

Satisfying needs of diverse companies with TEMCO’s IT service

What is an IT service?

In this Era of the IT revolution, it is difficult for companies to make decisions on which hardware or which software will be suitable for their business needs. To satisfy the needs of such companies, the SI business has been introduced to make decisions easier. The “SI”, is a short term for “System Integration”, and such integration can support companies to efficiently manage their businesses. The SI system supports companies in planning, development, setup, providing all the services for the efficient operation of a company.

SI Business market size and vision

The SI business market size is predicted to increase for the next 5 years. The market size of Si business increased from 8.4 billion in 2017 to 9.4 billion dollars in 2022. A software research group in Korea have predicted that in 2019, the sectors that will lead the SI business industry will be blockchain, big data, AI, IoT, cloud, and realistic SW.

The vision of the “Blockchain” business

The blockchain space is expected to grow significantly over the next few years. IDC has predicted that the world’s blockchain market size may grow 15 billion dollars to 76% each year and it may reach 124 billion dollars in the year 2022. Blockchain is present in diverse sectors, receiving funds especially from the finance and supply chain sectors.

The future of “Big Data”

The big data market as well recently showing visionary growth. Based on the research by Korean Internet Whitepaper in 2018, the domestic big data market has grown 500 million since last year, a 32% growth. It is expected that the market size will continue to grow.

Expectations from the “Cloud” industry

The cloud service is facilitating the 4th industrial revolution as well currently; The globally renowned research institution, Gartner predicted that from 2017 to 2021, the world’s cloud service industry will increase 17% each year. As the cloud service industry continues to grow, Naver, KT, SK C&C, and the major companies in Korea are targeting the cloud industry as well.

TEMCO’s IT service

TEMCO provides diverse IT services based on business needs. TEMCO’s IT service provides SI and API service support as follows.

TEMCO’s SI business

  1. Integrated management system business

TEMCO provides integrated management system by combining blockchain technology with a supply chain management system. This system is currently under development, a representative case would be TEMCO’s initial prototype testing with Nenia, the eco-friendly food product company; furthermore, a partnership with art-work crowdfunding platform “Art Together” and meat and livestock provider, “6gram” for further development of the system.

2. System development and service providing business

TEMCO provides system development service through various solutions. TEMCO differentiates itself from other IT solution providers by not only providing specified services but also services that are suitable for each companies’ individual needs. First, TEMCO addresses the issues that each company has and then suggests the suitable service that would fit the need. The solutions that TEMCO provides are Big Data, API, Smar Contract, and Cryptocurrency payments.

3. The consulting business

TEMCO provides consulting service about the entire process for integrated management service. TEMCO runs diagnostic on IT system management and related processes then improve them. Based on such, TEMCO collects necessary data based business strategy and provides integrated consulting services stemmed on it.

TEMCO’s API service

API, an “Application Programming Interface”, has 2 types: Closed API and Open API. Unlike the closed API, the third party can have access to a program.

The open API is being utilized in various industries. Currently, numerous companies do not have the knowledge about utilizing blockchain based services or lacks specific information. However, even if a company does not have much access or information about blockchain based services, they can adopt the blockchain based API to their system for blockchain based integrated system development conveniently. Especially, the fact that a company can adopt an open API system on necessary sections, it is very appealing to the companies that need innovation in general.

  1. API for blockchain upload

Through TEMCO’s open API system, companies can easily upload necessary data onto the blockchain. Uploading the only data that each company selects onto the blockchain.

2. Inquiring records on the blockchain through API

Using TEMCO’s API, the records on the blockchain can be easily viewed. As mentioned above, through TEMCO’s open API, each company can upload selected data to the blockchain, and at this point, the necessary data can be easily inquired.

3. Blockchain integrated application

TEMCO’s provides not only the open API but also blockchain integrated application service. TEMCO’s clients can use the self-developed integrated application by TEMCO to inquire and upload data on the blockchain.

As mentioned, through TEMCO’s diverse IT services, TEMCO will satisfy the needs of the clients. A great innovation through TEMCO’s flexible and suitable API service is expected for domestic and global enterprises.

TEMCO: Innovative Supply Chain Data and E-Commerce Solution through Blockchain and Smart Contract Technology.

Blockchain based Supply Chain Data Management and E-commerce Open Market Platform

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Blockchain-based Supply Chain Data Management and E-commerce Open Market Platform.

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