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Contract agreement for joint development of B-Link with GS Retail

Dear TEMCO community,

GUHADA and GS Retail (*1) has started joint commercialization and development of ‘B-LINK’, a TEMCO’s blockchain technology based supply chain management platform for quality assurance and traceability.

Based on the know-how and experience through Sanjiae project applied to GS Home Shopping’s apple, we signed a new contract with GS Retail (*1) to build a commercialized supply chain system that allows more companies to utilize trusted data and operate them in the form of SaaS.


(*1) The contract is formed with GS Home Shopping, but now that the company has merged with GS Retail, the name goes by GS Retail.

(*2) https://xangle.io/project/TEMCO/recent-disclosure/5f7bc77fe9dfde2120631c44

The previous disclosure was to apply TEMCO’s blockchain technology only for Sanjiae apples for a test trial and the current one is a project for a full coverage to develop the commercialized version of B-LINK based on the know-how and experience from the existing project applied to GS Home Shopping’s Sanjiae apple.

Thank you for your support!

TEMCO team.



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