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Founding Fathers of TEMCO, Hongsub Lim

Hello everyone! This is Lily from TEMCO!

At this time, I want to tell you about present status of TEMCO!

To understand present status of TEMCO, I had a conversation with our very own COO, Hongsub Lim.

Hongsub Lim has more than 4 years of experience in marketing and working with SMEs at POSCO. He graduated from Yonsei University at the top of his class with Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. He was recruited by POSCO as an industrial scholarship student during his 3rd year at the university. Upon graduating, he joined POSCO as a marketing manager of steel business division. He built a wide network of SMEs during his time at POSCO.

Currently he is the COO of TEMCO, and he often feels satisfied when he runs into a difficult situation and come out with successful outcome.

Q) Please tell us about the difficult times you had while operating TEMCO.

A) “I think the difficult part about operating TEMCO is the fact that we have a lot of work to do in such a little amount of time. However, as we increased the number of team members, it has been getting much better”.

“Although we ran into some difficult situations, I’ve felt satisfied numerous times because we had good outcomes. One of the times that I felt accomplished and satisfied was when we were hosting a booth at Huobi Carnival”.

Huobi Carnival is one of top and very popular blockchain conference events. The event included 50 different blockchain start-up companies from 10 different countries, more than 3000 people attended the event. I felt great when we attended the event, since TEMCO had a chance to explain to the world about details of the TEMCO project. TEMCO is continuously making partnerships with worldly known companies, such as RSK, as TEMCO is the first company in Asia to make an MOU with the company; also, TLDR, who is worldly known for successfully advising many blockchain projects.

Continuing from making partnerships with worldly known companies, TEMCO recently received series A funding from Korean Investment Partners (KIP). This made me realize that TEMCO has been working hard and a lot of tasks are being accomplished, and through this, I felt very positive about the present and the future for TEMCO. Moving forward, I want to thank everyone who are supporting us now, who have supported us so far, and who will join us in the near future.

Q) Can you describe what TEMCO is in one word?

A) “If I can describe TEMCO in one word, I want to say that it is “real”. Through TEMCO platform, consumers can track their products in real time, find details about the product, more than the information shown on the nutritional facts on the packaging. TEMCO can provide transparent and traceable information from point of origin to final consumer, while providing small and mid-size businesses a business intelligence tool, so that they can analyze supply chain data. Through this, consumers can develop smart consumption habits, and businesses can come out with needed business insights”.

TEMCO team is working hard so that consumers and businesses can experience the “real” TEMCO solution.

For any news and announcements, please sign up at temco.io!

Thank you guys! :)

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Preface. Introducing the Members of TEMCO!

1. Founding Fathers of TEMCO ①, Brian Lee

2. Founding Fathers of TEMCO ②, Scott Yoon

3. Founding Fathers of TEMCO ③, Hongsub Lim

4. TEMCO’s Self-sufficient Marketing Manager, Saerom Hong (Up next!)

5. TEMCO’s Developer Who Loves to Write on Blogs, Kyungchul Kim

6. TEMCO’s Top Tier Designer, Sunasuna

7. TEMCO’s Marketing Manager from US, Jon Kim

8. TEMCO’s №1 Business Manager, Joey Cho

9. TEMCO’s Developer who is Omnipresent, Chris Hong

Epilogue. Defining TEMCO in a Different Way

[About TEMCO]

TEMCO is developing a supply chain platform based on RSK bitcoin network. Using blockchain technology, we connect isolated supply chain systems and offer data services. Companies can obtain business intelligence tool for business insights. Consumers may track supply chain data in real time and there will be an online market platform of TEMCO for cryptocurrency.

[About RSK]

RSK Labs is the first smart contract platform that is pegged with bitcoin. It is a blockchain powered by bitcoin with the advantage in fast transaction speed and low transaction cost.

TEMCO, Supply Chain Management Powered by Blockchain

▶Have a chat with us on Telegram! :)

TEMCO Chatroom: https://t.me/temcolabs

Blockchain based Supply Chain Data Management and E-commerce Open Market Platform

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Blockchain-based Supply Chain Data Management and E-commerce Open Market Platform.

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