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KYC Registration: Frequently asked questions!

What’s up guys!

How is everyone feeling about the KYC registration process?

Whether you think it is a difficult process or not sure why you need to fill out the KYC registration form, here are some tips and frequently asked questions that we may be able to answer for you!

Question 1: Why do we need to fill out a KYC/AML form?

Answer 1: KYC (Know Your Customer) or AML (Anti-Money-Laundering) is to provide companies that “you” are the one who is affiliated with the identity, identifying yourself with a company. You can almost think of it like a membership card at a store. It is to know that you are an identified person who will be contributing to the company. Unlike at a regular market or a shopping mall, everyone needs to be verified through either KYC or AML because for individual’s benefit and the company’s, so that neither identity is invested by illegally involved personnel or investing in an unlawful organization.

Question 2: How long does the confirmation/approval process take after completing the registration?

After completing the KYC form online, the process usually takes about 2 to 3 days. Once the process is finished, we will send you a confirmation email to inform you whether you have been approved or rejected.

Question 3: I’ve received an email stating that I’ve been rejected. What should I do now? What is the process after this?

Answer 3: Whether you’ve been rejected or approved, we will send you an email confirmation. If you were rejected, we will explain the details of why you have been rejected, in the email.

Here are some cases you can consider:

Case 1. Most likely, it may have to do with blur photos. There are two photos that must be submitted for the application. First one is the identification photo. Whether it may be your passport, driver’s license, government issued photo ID, please take several of them and choose the clearest one. Second photo is s selfie with your ID; make sure this time that the photo is clear for viewing as well.

*Note: For the those who reside in Korea, make sure to cover the last 7 digits of your Korean citizen registration card or for passport (if you happen to have a Korean passport) with a dark colored tape or post-it! products.

Case 2. Your name on the ID is different than the ID photos that you’ve submitted.

To verify your identity, the name that you input in the application must be the same as what appears on the photos of ID and the selfie with your ID. In order to process the verification process precisely on such a high volume and large international database, please make sure you don’t use any aliases or nicknames. PS. We don’t want to identify you as a member of illegal or notorious criminal organization! and you are not! Please make sure to enter in the correct name that matches your ID.

Case 3. The information you’ve entered may not be in English.

For countries who use alphabets in form of different language, please be advise that all the information must be added into the application in standard English. The database is based on English and it is for the careful record tracking.

Question 4: Can I use different ID for the second or the first photo?

Unfortunately, both photos must represent exactly same identification. To provide you with faster processing, it is best for you to take a photo of the identification and use the same identification for the selfie.

Question 5: When is the last day to fill out the KYC registration form?

We don’t have the specific dates for start and end of the ICO yet, so you can fill out the registration form even during the ICO. However, it is best to fill out the form early, because when the time is near the end of ICO, there will be more people filling out the form. Please try to fill out the form early as you can, that way your processing time will be much shorter than if you were to fill them out later on.

Thank you for reading!

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