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[BLOG] Leading the development of GUHADA: Daehoon Choi

Hello, everyone!

Just want to quickly introduce TEMCO’s development team leader, Daehoon Choi.

Choi leads the development team at TEMCO, and he has been updating everyone about the development process of GUHADA in the past couple months.

So let’s take a look at Choi’s work experience and see how he is a great fit for TEMCO development team.

Choi’s employment experience:

So, it seems that Mr. Daehoon Choi has a lot of experience in the development of the order and payment systems using modern programming techniques. has worked at:

1. KOREA YAKULT CO., LTD (http://www.hyfresh.co.kr/main.do), the largest yogurt distribution company in South Korea.

2. Devsisters (https://www.devsisters.com/ko), A popular mobile game company that developed “Oven Break”, “Cookie Run”, and more with over 100,000 downloads.

3. Archbears (https://www.archbears.com/), another large mobile game developer in Korea.

4. Shinhan SDS (https://www.shinhansys.co.kr/main.do), one of the largest banks in South Korea.

5. Wemakeprice.com, an open market platform that provides consumers with direction to best prices for everyday products.

So now, let’s hear what he has to say about his prior experience and TEMCO:

So, do you have experience in the blockchain space before starting at TEMCO?

Yes, I do. During my career as a developer, I have had concerns about changing the centralized system to a different one for the better. And as I was wondering about the change, one of my colleagues had informed me about blockchain, and I thought it was a great technology for the innovation of the centralized system. Through such interest, I have left my previous company to be part of the blockchain revolution.

In the beginning, I was afraid and scared about approaching the industry, but as I have studied and learned little by little, an to understand the industry, worked with others in developing EOS related dApp.

Currently, the market is limited and many blockchain companies are having difficult times, I believe that blockchain technology is developing self-sufficiency and covering the disadvantages. So, I would like to envision my future with blockchain. Especially, I would like to see that GUHADA is well developed and TEMCO tokens are well used as utility token very soon.

So, what is the reason that you decided to work at TEMCO?

I knew a headhunter previously, and this person introduced me about TEMCO, so I didn’t hesitate to request for an interview. The reason was that I had development experience from KOREA YAKULT CO., LTD, about the supply chain management system, Wemakeprice.com, an online shopping mall, and blockchain dApp, all these experiences can support TEMCO in the development process. Also, as I was thinking, it would be blockchain that is most applicable to the supply chain and the shopping mall. This kind of thinking and the project that TEMCO is working on lined up in a way that this was meant to be.

As you think of it, what do you think is the biggest advantage of TEMCO’s GUHADA platform?

I think GUHADA has a lot of advantages. The first combination of the online shopping mall and blockchain, a flexible API service after the release of the platform, and partnerships that TEMCO made for the use of the solution in the future. However, I think it is great that everyone in the TEMCO is working rigorously to finish the development of GUHADA.

Another point to make, my goal is to inform everyone of the development updates so that together we can look forward to the release of GUHADA, an online open market for luxury goods products.

Alright guys, there you have it!

TEMCO is working continuously to provide the best blockchain based supply chain data / E-commerce platform.

Thank you!

TEMCO: Innovative Supply Chain Data and E-Commerce Solution through Blockchain and Smart Contract technology.

Please visit us to learn more about the blockchain and smart contract based supply chain data/e-commerce platform!

▶TEMCO Chatroom: https://t.me/temcolabs
▶TEMCO Official Website: https://temco.io



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