Whats up guys!

Hope everyone is pushing through the work week at ease~

While everyone is working hard and making the journey towards the weekend, TEMCO team is working hard as well, at Dubai, as a sponsoring partner, letting the world know about TEMCO!

World Blockchain Summit at Dubai is bringing together many blockchain specialists in the world and it is running from October 24th to October 25.

It is almost a huge melting pot per-say, and at WBS, there is heavy networking going on since it is only for a couple of days.

At the Summit, key IR team members of TEMCO, Scott Yoon (CEO, Chief Executive Officer) and Joey Cho (HBD, Head of Business Development) are having meetings and connecting with many blockchain professionals. Not only TEMCO, but there are more than 50 sponsors and partners!

So, if any of you are out there, come and visit Scott and Joey, and let them tell you about how TEMCO is developing innovative solution to businesses and consumers!

Thank you for your support everyone!

“TEMCO: Supply Chain Powered by Bitcoin Network, RSK”

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