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[BLOG] TEMCO x RFID Technology

TEMCO, increasing reliability and efficiency by use of RFID technology.

The cases of using RFID technology to improve reliability and efficiency are increasing around the world. RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), uses electromagnetic waves that is unseen by the naked eye, which sends important data without contact. RFID known as the wireless frequency transmission sends radio waves to transmit data between multiple devices for obtaining data. The RFID technology is being adapted in diverse industries, validating its capabilities and soon, it will expand to various sectors of many industries.

Cases of RFID utilization can be easily found in South Korea and other locations in the world. One of the internationally known airlines, Korean Air stated that it has increased the work efficiency by using Zebra Technologies’ RFID technology. Using the RFID technology, Korean Air has reduced the lifejacket management times about 90%, efficiently and accurately completing the tasks. In another case, the NH Nonghyup life insurance has simplified the task completion by adopting RFID based IoT devices.

One advantage of using RFID technology is that the products can be created efficiently based on consumer’s needs, through the effective use of the related information stored in the RFID tag. Other than the cases mentioned above, it is being used in areas such as automotive management facilities, harbor containers, and supply chain processes. When RFID technology is used, the return processing time, in general, is reduced about 10 times, import and export processes can be managed efficiently, and the labor cost can be reduced as well. Not only that, the increase in reliability of the supply chain process can be reached by using the RFID to check the information on blockchain quickly and accurately.

TEMCO is using RFID for the utilization of blockchain and smart contract technology to transparently share the information during the supply chain process. TEMCO’s vendor verification system uses QR code or RFID technology for the smart tagging process during the product transition between the manufacturer to the warehouse, and from the warehouse to the transporter. The participants of such process can verify the temperature, humidity, and the general environment of the products. All the information can be easily verified through the QR code or the RFID technology so that the products are transitioned safely.

Since blockchain connects the isolated supply chain data among the manufacturers, warehouses, and transporters, consumers can receive detailed supply chain data in real-time. RFID technology aids accurate data verification during the process where blockchain connects all the data from manufacture to the final consumer.

Also, TEMCO’s passive temperature tagging and RFID temperature sensor technology do not activate regularly, however, when the signal is sent from a scanner, the sensor sends back the temperature in real time. Accordingly, the data obtained from such a process can be view on a mobile app. Through TEMCO’s RFID sensor technology companies can develop cost-effective and efficient inventory management system.

On the other hand, for the temperature and inventory management, TEMCO is using Liot’s Technology. Realistic application capabilities of the Liot technology that TEMCO is using was highly valued by RSK when TEMCO and RSK were making an official partnership. Through innovative RFID technology, TEMCO is promoting improvements in the task efficiency for the supply chain data management processes. It is expected that TEMCO will retrieve the reliability and trust that were lost in the existing supply chain data management system and add efficiency to the inventory management process.

TEMCO: Innovative Supply Chain Data and E-Commerce Solution through Blockchain and Smart Contract Technology.

Please visit us to learn more about the world’s first Bitcoin smart contract based supply chain data/e-commerce platform!

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