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TEMCO’s B-Link

B-Link, TEMCO’s blockchain based supply chain platform is a service that enables all the participants to share product-related information throughout the entire process from production, distribution, and consumption of products by utilizing blockchain technology that cannot be forged or manipulated.

Also, B-Link can be applied to all industries such as agricultural products and luxury goods. Since the information recorded in the blockchain cannot be changed, the entire process of production and distribution can be transparently stored and browsed, important information such as product storage methods and quality certificates can be also shared with consumers.

Currently, TEMCO’s B-LINK has been released as a web version and an Android app version for operators in all fields that need to transparently manage product’s supply chain history.

B-Link is similar to IBM’s blockchain based food supply chain service ‘Food Trust’ and Vechain. Through B-Link, suppliers participating in TEMCO’s supply chain blockchain ecosystem will be able to expand supply chain history services and use them for marketing by connecting information such as product origin, livestock history number, HACCP certification, and processors in their supply chain data.

Currently, TEMCO’s B-Link is being applied to pork products distributed in GS The Fresh, the supermarkets operated by GS Retail, the largest distribution company in Korea and also applied to about 40 primary distributors of European luxury retailers. The B-Link service will be extended to GS Fresh’s fresh food and contribute to customers’ purchasing by providing transparent information.

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Blockchain based Supply Chain Data Management and E-commerce Open Market Platform

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Blockchain-based Supply Chain Data Management and E-commerce Open Market Platform, GUHADA.