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TEMCO’s Self-Sufficient Manager, Saerom Hong!

Hi guys!

This is Lily again from TEMCO Marketing Team! 😊

Today I want to introduce to you guys who makes me feel safe, Saerom Hong!

Saerom started with me at TEMCO and it hasn’t been long since we worked together. However, I’ve noticed how she is very organized and self-sufficient. She always completes a lot of tasks and answers difficult questions almost right away!

So, I wanted to find out what makes her very good at organizing and efficient in completing tasks. Here are few questions that I have asked her in order to find out more about her.

Q1) “I’ve heard that you did something to get over financial problems while you are traveling in the Central America. This caused the team to wonder what had happened during that time. Can you explain what happened and what you did to get over the struggle?”

A) “Sure of course, I can explain what had happened. While I was traveling, just a couple days before I was scheduled to leave Cuba, I didn’t even have money to by myself a meal. Also, that year, former president Obama, ease the restrictions on traveling to Cuba; so the pries increased on everything. Not only that, in Cuba, many places didn’t accept international credit cards. So, I set myself up on side of a street and opened my bag to see items that I could sell. I took out few clothes that were in good condition, and a selfie-stick, then I put up a sign saying “Vender”. At first, I couldn’t say anything, so I just sat by the items. However, as the time went by people started to gather around me. In 20 minutes, everything was sold out! People were asking if I had more stuff to sell! I’ve earned more money than I expected from selling the items. After selling all the stuff, I’ve enjoyed some lobster and Cuban sandwiches for couple of days, then I finished my journey. I will never forget this trip but I didn’t want to go through it again.”

While not having any money in her packet, our Marketing Manager Saerom worked self-sufficiently to climb over the hurdle!

Since she is great at finding a way out during a difficult time, aren’t you curious what she will do for TEMCO team in as we progress?

Q2) “Saerom, so, it has been less than a month since you joined TEMCO team. How will you contribute to the team?”

A) “It’s been about a month since I joined the team, so I’m still settling in. However, until TEMCO becomes globally known and progress even further, I’m willing to work hard. Unlike the time when I was traveling in Centeral America, I have all the tools I need to support the team. At this time I think we can expect better results!”

Lastly, there is something that our self-sufficient marketing manager Saerom also wants to mention. She would love to see many of you join our telegram channel so that it will be easier to communicate with her and she can answer any questions you may have.

Through our telegram channel, she can tell you guys more about our company and any news about TEMCO faster than anywhere else online. Also, she’ll will be able to explain about press releases, blogs and articles about TEMCO!

*TEMCO team is working hard so that consumers and businesses can experience the “real” TEMCO solution.*

For any news and announcements, please sign up at temco.io!

Thank you guys! :)

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Preface. Introducing the Members of TEMCO!

1. Founding Fathers of TEMCO ①, Brian Lee

2. Founding Fathers of TEMCO ②, Scott Yoon

3. Founding Fathers of TEMCO ③, Hongsub Lim

4. TEMCO’s Self-sufficient Marketing Manager, Saerom Hong

5. TEMCO’s Developer Who Loves to Write on Blogs, Kyungchul Kim (Up next!)

6. TEMCO’s Top Tier Designer, Sunasuna

7. TEMCO’s Marketing Manager from US, Jon Kim

8. TEMCO’s №1 Business Manager, Joey Cho

9. TEMCO’s Developer who is Omnipresent, Chris Hong

Epilogue. Defining TEMCO in a Different Way

[About TEMCO]

TEMCO is developing a supply chain platform based on bitcoin network, RSK. Using blockchain technology, we connect isolated supply chain systems and offer data services. Companies can obtain business intelligence tool for business insights. Consumers may track supply chain data in real time and there will be an online market platform of TEMCO for cryptocurrency.

[About RSK]

RSK Labs is the first smart contract platform that is pegged with bitcoin. It is a blockchain powered by bitcoin with the advantage in fast transaction speed and low transaction cost.

TEMCO: Supply Chain Management Powered by Blockchain

▶Have a chat with us on Telegram! :)

TEMCO Chatroom: https://t.me/temcolabs



Blockchain based Supply Chain Data Management and E-commerce Open Market Platform

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