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The bride Coco’s diet

Smart consumption habit by TEMCO

Waiting to be wedded, a young bride Coco, while holding onto her excited heart, went choose her dress for her wedding photography. There was a dress that Coco has been thinking of since she was young. It was an off-shoulder, mermaid style dress that shows her shoulder lines. She tried on her dream dress at first, second, and at the third shop, but the dress could not hide her thick arms and her tube fat… and she felt the unnatural smile coming from the wedding planner each time. So she realized that while was dating, she must have gain some weight little by little. Shocked by the reality, and she thought,

“If it continues like this, not a wedding photography, but I won’t even be able to attend my own wedding…” Coco postponed her filming and decided to focus and push herself on losing her weight. So she registered at a gym, and hired a personal trainer, fixing her diet to eating chicken breasts as part of one of her meals throughout the day.

The company and distribution check with TEMCO

It has been 3 days since Coco started her diet, and the chicken breast that she ordered has arrived. After coming back from the repeated cardiovascular exercises, she opened the packaging, and she thought, “Well, if I have to eat this as part of my daily diet, can I trust the quality and freshness of it? Could this have been expired? Coco turned on the TEMCO app and scanned the QR code on the packaging right away. She normally checks the product information before eating, and for her, TEMCO is the most favorite app.

When she scanned the QR code, the supply and distribution record that has been saved into the system through blockchain technology shows up on the display. At first, she checks the origin of the chicken breast. The origin of the product was from a chicken raised in a poultry farm somewhere in Brazil.

Tapping the manufacturer’s information, a detailed information showed up. It was showing that the chicken was raised in the farm that passed the livingstock quarantine, and it was from a Non-DDT chicken, and it also showed when it was imported. The manufacture was a company that received HACCP certification; the company used a vacuum sealed packaging that is certified by FDA as well. Regularly tested for hazardous substances and self-quality, the detailed information about their process was displayed as well. The product also have won an award from excellent food award. At the least, she could feel relieved about the manufacturer.

Delivery, warehouse, wholesale/retail companies that the product has gone through are lined up under the manufacturer information in accordance with the time frame.

The information about TEMCO’s in and out days and storage environment is reflected, during the transportation of the product between the companies, through smart contract; and the information is saved into the blockchain right away. So, because of it, information about in and out days from one storage to another and their environment etc… data is very difficult to be manipulated.

After checking the information, the product has been produced and transported to a large storage company. The delivery was done through a company that manufacturer operates in a carelessness manner in a refrigerated truck. While the product was being stored in the designated storage company, it is showing that there was no issues or problems of temperature, humidity or shock damage. Two weeks after, the product that Coco ordered was moved to food material mall storage. Ah ha! looks like the location of the food material mall was in Daejeon(a city in South Korea)! During when the product was transported from a large storage place to a smaller one, it was indicating that there was a couple of minor shocks, but not enough to degrade the quality of the product

The day after Coco ordered the product, her product was out for delivery from a local storage place, by a courier, passing through middle storage area once, showing the completion of delivery. It seems that the product was delivered to Coco’s house safely; for the protection of the personal information, the app does not confirm Coco’s address. Although the temperature of the middle storage area was at a room temperature, the product was in a styrofoam box with an ice pack. On the styrofoam box that arrived at home, there was a fragile and handle with care label and written on top up to 30 hours of refrigerated care permitted, seeing this, she felt relieved.

The use the TEMCO app in a similar situation as this, information about the manufacturer, delivery company, and the warehouse could be checked, date and storage condition as well, through this, the reliability of the product goes up.

Satisfied with product and delivery conditions, Coco wanting to leave a customer review, she tapped on the ratings and review section in the TEMCO app. Well, but check this out! The product that Coco purchased was a selected item from TEMCO app from one of the best companies in 2017, and it was also sold in TEMCO market app as well. So she thought “How did I not I think of purchasing this on the TEMCO market…” having feelings of regret, she left a product review and comments, and received a small amount of tokens. The tokens that she received could work as a type of savings/reserves and when it reaches certain price, it can be exchanged for items in TEMCO market app.

After 3 weeks, Coco turned on the TEMCO market app again. Then she placed the same chicken breast that she purchased last time into the shopping cart; following the chicken breast, she added on a calorie bar as well. She was thinking of purchasing the the calorie bar with the TEMCO token. Nowadays, Coco actively utilizes TEMCO app and TEMCO market app for many of her purchases. Let’s develop a smart spending just like Coco.

Disney, The little mermaid

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