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You’re Welcome! But Mostly, Thank You Too.

Last week, many members of the 204th MEB had the privilege of lending a hand to our neighbors in Northern Utah after mighty winds did a number on their communities.

The story has been told from many angles.

Here is one more.

Utahns are wonderfully supportive of the military. That support makes going to work easier and more rewarding. When we have the chance to give back a bit, we love it.

The response, dubbed Operation Wind Debris, was significant. A woman in Farmington sure noticed.

She wanted to make sure we knew that they appreciated us.

Text screenshot: Makes my heart so happy when I keep seeing National Guard cleaning up from the storm.

She had an idea:

Our neighborhood uses the same major road the National Guard used to travel to and from the Farmington Debris Pickup Site and were able to witness close hand the hard work and dedication of the National Guard. Seeing the trucks and Guardsman lined up each morning, truck after truck, brought tears to my eyes.

So they put up a banner, addressed to National Guard members.

The Operation ended less than a week after it started. Members of the 204th returned to their communities and civilian jobs. They may not have seen the banner in person.

Text screenshot: Well dang it. We put up a sign to thank the National Guard but yesterday musta been their last day.

But we see it now. And we are thankful for your thoughts and support.

Deploying to a foreign land where locals may or may not fully support the U.S. military mission is one thing. Many of our unit members have done that.

Driving up the road to a community where our neighbors just needed a little extra help to get their lives back to normal is quite another. It is energizing and motivating to us.

Our friend in Farmington reminds us:

The power of community in easing the burdens of each other and working together, first by watching neighbors help neighbors and then watching our National Guard assist, what would have taken our small city months to clean up, showed our children and reminded us of the power of people united together and the good that can be accomplished when working together.

That’s why they wanted to thank us. Just a simple thank you banner.

But it is much more than that to us. It is a reminder of why we serve. It is a reminder that the National Guard is where we belong.

For that, thank you.



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