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How To Speed Up Windows 10

We all know that Windows 10 is amazing and feature-rich but we all agree it’s sometimes a little slow. In this article, we are going to see how you can help maintain your system and make it a little speedier. We are not saying that these tips will make your PC go from 0 to 100 real quick but will definitively help with performance.

First things first you should do the basic things everyone should do to keep their system fresh which is turning it off and on. I know right such a doctorate/scientist level tip but this the truth now and then your system needs a restart.

1.Uninstall unnecessary programs

PC makers nowadays are filled their systems with software that you don’t need and are just for advertisement purposes. Keeping an eye on such programs can be a difficult task for the beginner but you should always control the programs and try them out or maybe if you are not that adventurous just search for them on the internet. Mostly from what I have personally seen are also pinned to the Start Menu which is as simple to remove as to clicks Right Click — Uninstall /Remove Tile.

Removing said programs is beneficial because they may have processes that load at startup and boot so they take precious time from you. Adding to the tasks your RAM and Processor have to do when loading up. Some may have little impact but they can also build-up, so it’s better to remove them.

2.Prioritize startup processes

A lot of programs also install side processes that run every time you restart your system, we mentioned above that this is your time that’s being used. Compared with Windows 7, in which you had to run the MSCONFIG utility, Windows 10 gives you an easier way to limit what runs at startup from the updated Task Manager.

There are a few methods to opening Task Manager but the easiest for me it’s Right-Clicking on the Taskbar, select Task Manager and from there navigate to the Startup Tab.

3.Cleaning up the disk

Cleaning up the disk is one of the most important things you can do to maintain your system. Disk Cleanup has been in the operating system since I can remember and it’s really easy to find. You can search from the Start Menu and it will pop up. All it does is clean up junk files on the system like temporary files, offline Web pages and installer files that are no longer needed. It deletes them all for you and since were deleting stuff take a look at your Recycle Bin and see if it also needs some cleanup.

Disk fragmentation is also an important tool that you should schedule to perform if your driver it’s not SSD. This option works only Hard Disks because it formats the disk to better position the information stored in it and utilizes the blank spaces left by the deleted files or programs. You can easily set this up in the Optimize Drives tool which can be found by searching it in the Search Bar.

4.Optimize power settings for performance

If you haven’t done this already then consider it doing right now. It will consume more electricity but will help to boost your computing speed. Finding it is as easy as going to Control Panel -> System and Security -> Power Options. From here click on the Advanced Options and tinker them specifically to your linking, they do a pretty good job of describing what they do so it’s not that bad to do it. I normally do this for every new system that I get my hands on it’s easy and fast to do so why not right?

5.Advanced optimizations

Now for some more advanced optimizations head over to Control Panel -> System and Security -> Security and Maintenance -> Click Maintenance. This starts a very powerful tool and usually it runs on a schedule but if you’re experiencing troubles with speed this can help.

Press ‘Windows Key + X’ -> Click on ‘System’ in the left pane -> Select Advanced System settings ( if you can’t find it then just type it out in the search menu ) -> There a new windows will open Select Advanced Tab -> There click on Settings button under the performance grouping. There you’ll see a plethora of options all regarding different important features of Windows 10. You can adjust for best performance and that turns off all options but not to worry if you want some animations you can still have them in the Custom mode you can turn on or off every single one option.




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