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Tempo Automation announces $8M Series A funding to build software-enabled electronics factory

We’re excited to announce a Series A led by Lux with participation from SoftTech, AME, and existing investor Bolt.

As software eats the physical world, electrical engineers are working on more amazing products than ever. Autonomous cars, connected devices, virtual reality, wearables, satellites, medical devices, robots, and drones, are just a few of them.

We believe that, in order to make exceptional products, you need exceptional tools. Today, the development tools available to electrical engineers are anything but exceptional. To translate a circuit board design on a computer into a physical circuit board that can be tested, engineers put up with multi-week lead times and extensive back and forth with factories. Imagine trying to write software in a world where you had to wait weeks and deal with hours of phone calls and email, just to see if your code works! This experience comes about, because low-volume orders are forced through a labor-intensive process designed for high-volume production at one of the more than 1300 US electronics manufacturing outfits.

Having experienced this frustration first-hand, we started Tempo Automation to provide the fastest and most seamless development tools for electrical engineers. We introduced a new, software-driven process purpose-built for low-volume electronics manufacturing last year. The result is electrical engineers receive fully assembled and tested boards in 3 days, at the click of a button. Our offering was well-received, blowing out the capacity of our factory in a matter of months by customers ranging from early hardware startups to large consumer electronics companies that you’ve heard of.

We’re grateful to our customers, team, early investors, and partners who have helped us get this far. We’re also humbled by the enormous amount of work yet to do to have Tempo Automation join the multimeter as an integral part of every electrical engineer’s toolkit. To that end, we’re thrilled to have wonderful new partners in Lux, SoftTech, and AME join us on our journey.

If you (or anyone you know) are an electrical engineer interested in getting your product to market faster, we would love to help. Leave your email here and we’ll reach out as soon as we have more capacity.

If you (or anyone you know) are excited about joining our team to help electrical engineers bring exceptional products to market, we would love to hear from you.

You’re also welcome to reach out to me directly: jeff@tempoautomation.com.




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Jeff McAlvay

Jeff McAlvay

Co-founder, Tempo Automation

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