How to Acquire French Nationality through Naturalization

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Have you been living in France for 5 consecutive years? Did you study your Masters or PHD in France for 2 years? If you answered yes to any of these 2 questions, then, you are eligible for the process called “Naturalization par Decret”.

Having a French citizenship and passport comes with a lot of benefits:

  • The right to reside and live in any of the 28 member countries of the EU without having to get visas
  • Visa-free or visa on arrival travel to over 172 countries
  • The right to study in schools and universities within the 28 member countries of the European Union
  • The right to start a business in any of the 28 member countries of the EU

French bureaucracy is a challenge that all expats face. They involve a lot of paper work, lining up and a long processing time. The good news is that we at TEMPO Money Transfer are here to break down and explain all of the documents needed for you to acquire French citizenship.

  1. Your recent and official copy of birth certificate with Apostille

An Apostille is a document given by a designated authority to authenticate the signatures and stamps on official documents like birth certificates.

2. Your parents’ birth certificates (recent and official)

3. Your parents’ marriage certificate (recent and official)

4. If applicable, your marriage certificate (recent and official)

5. If applicable, copy of your husband/wife’s ID (foreign passport or French national ID card)

6. If applicable, your children’s birth certificates (official and recent)

7. 2 Accomplished CERFA 12753*02 forms

8. Criminal record check

If you have lived in France for less than 10 years, you must request this document from your country of origin,

9. Document stating that you have no criminal record in France

You may request for this document online.

10. 2 ID photos. 23x45mm

Write your name and birth date on the back pages

11. Copy of your foreign passport

12. Copy of your titre de séjour/recepissé

13. Timbre fiscal amounting to €55

This is available in any Tobacco shop. You have to buy a stamp worth 55 euros and place it in an envelope with your name.

14. Proof of B1 knowledge of the French language

You must submit a proof of your knowledge of the French language like a certificate for passing TCF, TEF, DELF/DALF, DCL or BULATS French language tests.

You are exempted from this if you have a diploma in French from a French authority.

15. Proof of housing for the last 3 months

16. Electricity and phone bills

17. Certificate of employment

18. Certificate from the French tax authorities or Bordereau de situation fiscal stating that you have paid your taxes

19. Copies of your avis d’imposition or French tax bills from the last three years.

Once you have all of the documents ready, you have to prepare for the interview wherein the authorities will ask you about the French culture and history.

Once your ready, set a rendez-vous with your local prefecture and submit the required documents mentioned above. The whole process takes about 1 year or more but it’s definitely worth the wait given the benefits that come with it. So what are you waiting for?

In case you need to pay for documents from your home country, such as your birth certificate with apostille and criminal record check, you may easily do it online with TEMPO: #sendwithTEMPO

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