South Asia within Paris

For approximately 320 000 South Asians living in Paris (Sri Lankans- 150 000, Pakistanis- 70 000, Bangladeshis- 20 000, Indians- 80 000), there is a home away from home in Paris. The quarters of Gare Du Nord and La Chapelle offer, to not only the South Asians, but anyone who visits Paris, a feel of the cuisine, culture and charm of South Asia in Paris. Quaint and colourful shops, strong flavours and fragrances and a surprisingly pleasant clamor fill the streets of these quarters famously known as “Little India” or “Little Jaffna”.

The neighborhood is best served by metro stop La Chapelle on line 2 or Gare du Nord (lines 4, 5 and RER B, D).

Gare Du Nord (Image Source: Google)

Over the past three decades, Tamil / Sri Lankan-owned businesses have become ubiquitous in this area. The colorful Chariot Festival, a tribute to the Hindu elephant god Ganesha, has become a popular annual procession eagerly anticipated by thousands of Parisians. The latest outing of the deity was on Sunday, August 27th, 2017.

The Ganesh Chariot festival in Gare du Nord (Image Source: Google)

Cafes and restaurants operated by people of Tamil, Bangladeshi and Pakistani origin, offer inexpensive and flavorful delicacies for everyone’s palate. Samosas, Chai, Pakoras, Lassi, Dosas (the Tamil version of our French favourite crepe), chutneys and biryanis are common sights on the plates of curious travellers or seasoned locals, who come here to get the authentic taste of South Asia.

Authentic Samosas in the heart of Paris

The South Asian community is known for their extensive support to their countries in the form of remittances through their well-placed diaspora all over the world. With combined remittances of over USD 100 billion (2016), India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh are the largest remittance sending nationalities in the world. Realizing the needs of this very special community, TEMPO Money Transfer is aptly located in the Gare du Nord quarter. We offer the best exchange rates to our patrons from South Asia and with our attractive promos, each customer receives more value for every hard-earned Euro sent.

Find us at 89, Boulevard de Magenta near Gare du Nord train station in Paris and you can take the benefit of our impeccable customer service and advanced technology to send money home.

TEMPO Money Transfer at Gare du Nord

With our online services, sending money becomes a matter of few easy clicks. Check out the TEMPO website and app for Android to know more.

So, after you have shopped elegant saris, devoured tasty samosas and enjoyed lassi, pay us a visit. We look forward to seeing you at TEMPO!

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