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TEMPO Launches EURT Trading on the “Programmatically Fair”, Stellar Distributed Exchange

TEMPO Press Release: The ICO of the EURT — EURO TEMPO TOKEN the largest P2P blockchain remittance company is officially launching the token this week which is valued one to one for Euros.

April 12, 2017, Paris, France — The EURT will be launched April 13, 2017 at 12 noon CET.

TEMPO Money Transfer, the largest Open P2P Blockchain Remittance Company foresees a major shift coming in the way payments will be made. The emergence of blockchains will allow remittance volumes to move more seamlessly.

With EURT and Stellar money moves like email

Like the internet, adoption should be rapid for these new open networks. . “The Distributed Exchange and Settlement mechanisms built into the Stellar network will revolutionize remittances. Stellar provides inexpensive transactions at 100,000 per penny in a secure P2P (‘peer to peer’) environment. “ Said Anthony Barker, TEMPO’s CTO.

“Stellar provides many advantages over Omni protocol’s 20 minutes settlement times and bitcoin blockchain’s high fees. With Stellar, clients can move funds in 3–5 seconds. Faster transaction speeds and minimal exchange fees for traders will allow for greater profits. One-to-one backing of funds in a fully secure and European audited escrow account will provide clients with much needed assurance that their funds are secure on the network.”

Stellar represents the first not for profit exchange that is “Provably Fair Trading”. Provably fair trading means that as an individual trader you can interact directly with natural client flow without the need to go through a bank or a broker. For migrant workers sending money, this will mean lower costs and “MID-POINT” or better on the FX Spread.

To facilitate flow across the Stellar network TEMPO is issuing the EURT which can be traded for PHP, XLM, and the JPY on the Stellar Blockchain. Clients can use the EURT for trading or cash out to European bank accounts using SEPA. TEMPO and their various partners will value EURTs at full parity to the EUR. The token will have many functions including for remittance purposes or bill pay.

Using the stellar SEP-24 and SEP-6 fintechs and programmers can immediately take advantage of the stable coin.

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