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Comparing IPFS Pinning Services Pricing/Functionality. Temporal, Eternum & Pinata.

As we outlined in our latest blog post comparing the potential of the TemporalX S3 API versus a Storj IPFS implementation, we feel that the latest version of TemporalX is a superior service for a number of reasons. When it comes to ease of use and implementation, the TemporalX S3-compatible API allows users to run existing S3 clients without an intermediary layer.

When it comes to performance, the proof is in the benchmarks. Relative to go-ipfs, TemporalX delivers consistent and superior performance regardless of the workload. Depending on your gRPC settings, TemporalX has the potential to operate two to ten times faster than go-ipfs.

Now we will be comparing 3 different IPFS pinning services and how they stack up to one another in terms of capabilities and pricing. We feel like part of our journey is helping to educate the community. People need to know exactly what they are getting into with IPFS in order to fully utilize all its benefits. Stopping the spread of misinformation is very high on our priority list. We want to enable users to evaluate the pros and cons of not only us, but various platforms out there in order to make an informed decision before choosing.

IPFS Pinning Services Functionalities & Pricing



Loaded with encrypted file uploads, folder uploads, an IPFS HTTP API, hash pinning, PubSub messaging, IPNS record management, IPFS key management, anonymous gateways, and a complete IPFS search engine. To help new users and organizations learn more about the power of IPFS, Temporal is offering 3 GB of storage FREE including 5 IPNS records and 100 PubSub messages.

The Temporal package is only $0.07 / GB and includes support for unlimited storage including 150 IPFS keys, 150 IPNS records, 15,000 PubSub message, and unlimited pinning.

The Temporal client package is only $0.05 / GB and includes support for unlimited storage including 200+ IPFS keys, 200+ IPNS records, 20,000+ PubSub messages and unlimited pinning. That’s 50%cheaper the Digital Ocean Block storage.


Pinata comes loaded with uploads, folder uploads, and hash pinning.

Pinata similarly offers a free version of its IPFS storage service. The company’s “InterPlanetary” package is priced at $0.15 / GB for over 1GB of storage.


Eternum is a simple IPFS service that offers file uploads with hash pinning.

Eternum is offered at a flat rate of $0.14 / GB per month.

Privacy and Security at the IPFS level

In addition to the superior functionality included in Temporal, one of the most significant advantages of the service is RTrade’s dedication to security and privacy when it comes to data hosted on Temporal. As indicated by the frequent hacks and breaches that have hampered major businesses, user data is only as safe as the infrastructure it is stored on and many industries are lagging well behind basic security standards. While Temporal offers significant security measures to ensure outside entities are not capable of tracking of manipulating your data, in order to remain compliant with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, RTrade must comply with all good-faith take down notices submitted to us in accordance with the DMCA notice of infringement claim standards.

RTrade will never collect your data, preventing the possibility for user information to be sold or used for any secondary purposes. These are outlined in our extensive terms and services and privacy policy, something that seems to be lacking in the data world. Considering the omnipresence of “free” services that generate money based on the monetization of massive amounts of user information, we at RTrade feel the privacy of data is critical for the next generation of any file management system. Temporal offers encrypted file uploads and anonymous IPFS gateways to provide an additional layer of security, preventing the tracking or collecting of any metadata or personal information.

Looking beyond privacy, RTrade designed Temporal to be a fully-functional enterprise-level IPFS solution capable of delivering a wide range of solutions in order to cater to the largest amount of businesses in need of modernizing their data infrastructure.

TemporalX’s development environment is live!

This is an unauthenticated, freely accessible endpoint that you can use to experiment with TemporalX’s gRPC API! We’ve got a pretty extensive and extremely robust API, with everything from IPNS, to file uploads, and PubSub messaging.

We have pre-generated gRPC client code for javascript, java, python, and golang over on github, along with the raw protocol buffer files in case you want to generate client code in other languages. To see that, head over to github.com/RTradeLtd/TxPB.

You can start exploring all that TemporalX has to offer by pointing your gRPC Clients to xapi-dev.temporal.cloud:9090. If you have any difficulties accessing this, feel free to hop on by our telegram support chat and we'll get your problems sorted out right away!

We’ve made public an endpoint that you can use to see benchmarks we make as we release new versions of TemporalX https://rtradeltd.github.io/TemporalX/. The benchmark counts both the TemporalX server, and TemporalX gRPC client. The exact benchmark setup is each test spins up a standalone TemporalX server with on-disk storage and then instantiates the go-temporalx-client gRPC client sdk as client.

TemporalX Gateway with Support for IPLD!

A major pain point with the current IPFS gateway is no support for IPLD. TemporalX’s dev environment gateway with support for IPLD types! gatewayx.temporal.cloud /ipfs or /ipld. Supports single CID paths only for now. Accepts url argument ?ctype= to override content type of response.

Thank you for stopping by!

Join Temporal’s online community on Twitter, Telegram or visit our website for more company information. If there is anything we have over looked in this article please feel free to let us know so we may update accordingly.

Stayed tuned for article where we will benchmark ad break down IPFS gateways!



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