Temporal Proudly Sponsoring Our Networks RE: Infrastructures

We are grateful to have this opportunity to engage, educate and support our local peer-to-peer community to share our vision and help users across the web at Our Networks RE: Infrastructures this September 20–22, 2019 in Toronto, Canada.

We believe the next generation of the web will transition away from depending on the traditional client-server model. We look forward to supporting this amazing event as we continue to develop solutions like Temporal and providing the infrastructure needed to help decentralized the globe.” — Derrick Foote, RTrade CEO

Temporal will be joined by a number of projects and sponsors in the space including Internet Society, Mozilla (MOSS), Qri, Protocollabs, Dat, Infura, Sticker Mule, TMAC, Gamma Space. To anyone we have missed that has contributed in anyway and all the attendees helping this network grow, a special thank you. We are proud to be able to participate and support as we all come together in Toronto to share ideas, discuss and create the innovative technologies of tomorrow.

About Our Networks RE: Infrastructures

Our Networks is a conference about the past, present, and future of building our own network infrastructures. The event brings together enthusiasts, hardware and software hackers, researchers, organizers to collectively explore creative and critical engagements with the Internet and alternative infrastructures. RE: Infrastructures this year will focus on exploring the collective care and maintenance of alternative networking practices — new protocols, peer-to-peer connections, offline-first computing, and community-based governance. Visit their website and find out how can help support, learn or educate the next generation of infrastructure in a Web 3.0 world.

About Temporal

RTrade Technologies has strategically designed its IPFS dedicated data centre to enable a creative environment where the team can be empowered to design unique in-house projects. Leveraging this, RTrade has developed a product called Temporal, open-source API’s with turnkey IPFS tools such as to provide robust functionality for distributed data storage systems that can be easily integrated into any application stack. Temporal’s powerful Web 3.0 infrastructure allows users to build, manage, scale and deploy any application while achieving enterprise-level scale and security without the need for expensive or cumbersome infrastructure. The platform handles all the heavy lifting to provide even basic users with powerful IPFS products like IPFS HTTP API proxy, IPFS enterprise nodes, folder uploads & private network management.

Have additional questions about the Temporal Platform? Check out our FAQ or join our public Telegram chat to talk directly with our helpful team.


Enterprise Solution For Distributed Data Storage

RTrade Technologies, Ltd.

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We are a team of blockchain Technology Specialists. Helping to build a decentralized world.


Enterprise Solution For Distributed Data Storage

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