The Download #1 Life-saving drones, seed-stage gap, Alexa hears all.

Nicole McCallum
Feb 3 · 2 min read

The Download has landed!

Welcome to the first-ever edition of The Download by Tempus.

What can you expect? Every month, we will share information from our storymakers, the Tempus recommended stories and “5 questions with…”, our new content series profiling awesome folks in the Aussie VC/Startup scene.

Curious? Read on!

Tempus Recommended Stories

Graphene from bananas!? A new scientific process that could save our planet.

“Expiring information is not knowledge. Warren Buffet’s greatest secret to success…?

Don’t say a word. Inside Alexa’s ability to listen to your most secret conversations.

Dream robot for farmers. The small autonomous, e-powered, weather predicting tractor is the future of farming.

Plagiarism of the brain. AI acceleration in the 21st century.


Swoop saves lives in Malawi. Congrats to Swoop Aero who launched in Malawi last month.

New hope for people desperate to find a cure. Channel 7 on how HealthMatch saves lives on a global scale.

Aussie seed-stage gap explained. Alister Coleman explains where Aussie VC has been and where it’s going.

Billion-dollar alert!!! Aussie startup ecosystem continues to thrive.

5 Questions With…

From Grammy attendee to investing in the next generation of ‘impossible’. Hannah Field, Principal at Tempus answers the 5 Questions.

Read Hannah’s answers…

Thanks for reading 🙌 See you next month!

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Thanks to Hannah Yan Field

Nicole McCallum

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Head of Community at Tempus Partners | Venture Community Builder | Sustainable Fashion Lover

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Investing in the next generation of ‘impossible’

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