The Download #2 Cyborg grasshoppers, COVID-19 robots and AI antibiotics.

Nicole McCallum
Mar 3 · 2 min read

In this edition of The Download, Mentorloop cofounders share their favourite tech, Hannah Field joins Open the Pod Bay Doors, catch us on stage at Australian Healthcare week, plus the flying robots saving us from coronavirus.

Tempus Recommends

Robots combatting coronavirus. From drones to disinfecting robots.

Cyborg Grasshoppers. New discovery finds biological bomb sniffers.

AI wins the fight against antibiotic-resistant infections. A major breakthrough in healthcare.

The impact of smart cities. Real-time crime mapping, disease prevention, emission reduction.


Congrats to Swoop Aero finalist in the AAUS Humanitarian Achievement awards.

App store raves about Swoop Aero and Jigspace collaboration.

Auror’s date with the US Secret Service.

HealthMatch CEO, Manuri takes centre stage with Alister this month at Australian Healthcare Week. Grab a ticket, we’ll see you there!

Hannah Field joins Open the Pod Bay Doors and shares her career path into venture and our investments in the next generation of “impossible” companies.

Work with big mission companies. Jobs open at Swoop Aero, ExpenseCheck, HappyCo, Auror, HealthMatch and Snug.

5 Questions With…

Heidi and Lucy cofounders of Mentorloop tell us about music playing sunglasses and their investment in each other. Read on!

Thanks for reading 🙌 See you next month!

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Investing in the next generation of ‘impossible’

Nicole McCallum

Written by

Tempus Partners

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