FUCK Headline Analyzers

They’re not gods

Photo by Boris Smokrovic on Unsplash

Sweet cloacae!

Do you want the truth? Need it?

Firstly, you don’t always need the truth. But in this case, let’s say there are good reasons to care. After all, you could write and publish one thousand masterpieces tomorrow— but where’s the meaning of it, when your headlines go unclicked?



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Gustave Deresse (˙ᗡ˙𝐖 'ɥʇıƃƃı𝐳ɥɔʇı𝐌)

Gustave Deresse (˙ᗡ˙𝐖 'ɥʇıƃƃı𝐳ɥɔʇı𝐌)

Stories, Poetry, Questions, Humor, Lessons, Confessions!! 🙏✨ | WRITER FOR HIRE — g.d@ineclectic.site | Be one with us. 🖤 ⇊ https://gusd.medium.com/membership