10 Ideas on No Man’s Sky, Improved Reality, and Eschatology

  1. No Man’s Sky looks dope.
  2. I wonder if staring at the same inside of a spaceship would get dull? Would it start to feel like your cubicle at work? Could you decorate it with pictures of your family?
  3. Immersive virtual worlds built by replicating your real world items, like totems in Inception handed down through layers of reality.
  4. From there, you could really live in game if you found a way to make money. You could complete captchas or answer surveys or do desk jobs inside of the game.
  5. From there, you could remove the space exploration aspect. Add VR images of exotic beaches or fabulous cityscapes or imaginary horizons.
  6. You could choose to have a social layer here, interacting with people in virtual worlds. This also adds some fun artificial scarcity to sell the most premium pieces of virtual land.
  7. OR you could choose to enjoy your favorite spot (without the social achievement of being the ONLY one to claim that spot) and your friends could join you (populated with bots to make it feel more real if you like).
  8. Then (if this were a scifi story) they introduce a Turing-test passing friend of a friend, who may or may not be a human.
  9. Then, your meat bag uses Amazon Express to deliver IVs in and colostomy bags out. Your life is in the machine now. Everything else is existence.
  10. Is this next level experience unreal? Would we be better off collectively overdosing on heroin? Or wireheading? Or living a life that is real, but nasty, brutish, and short?
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