Ten Ideas about content creation, motivation, and giving a shit.

  1. Snapchat (aka Snap) is crazy to not be suing over Instagram stories, especially when it’s reported as “Instagram Stories — a Snapchat clone.”
  2. Snapchat and Instagram Stories are successful largely because they reduce friction in content creation.
  3. 2 leads to the expectations of consumption of content to be lowered. Nobody expects highly produced Snapchats, and in fact it feels disingenuous or like a “tryhard” when brands force higher production value.
  4. People do want higher production value, even just for better comprehension. A good use case of this would be (and has been) horror movies. They look under-produced, but actually have a lot of time and effort involved.
  5. Brands can capture this magic (actual magic) by keeping the production feel low, while actually putting in some effort to producing quality content.
  6. 5 feels like a no-brainer yet only Clickhole is really crushing it. People don’t want fancy animations and lower thirds and pop up video on FB Live, they simply want you to use what the platform is best at.
  7. What all these major platforms are best at is ease of content creation. Are you encouraging your super fans to make content with you? Why not?
  8. People claim that the internet has leveled the playing field. It has really only just begun. Anyone who gives a shit can make engaging content.
  9. Do you give a shit?
  10. If you don’t, quit and go sell insurance or something. There are hundreds or thousands of people in your field who give a shit. Either become one or get out of the way.
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