Ten Ideas about the future of the internet and the internet of the future and also idiots

  1. Choose Our Own Adventure — a story whose every chapter ends in crowd-funded choice forward.
  2. Our Novel— An Exquisite Corpse experiment, with a kickstarter-like superfan built-in base. A subreddit for upvoting each next section.
  3. Our Movie — build a script, split up the pages, like that Star Wars experiment. Would probably be nonsense, but better than current computer algorithms.
  4. Chicken Wolf Farmer — an idea I started years ago, take the structure of a film and replace all the text with either chicken, wolf, or farmer (protagonist, antagonist who you later team up with, real antagonist).
  5. Sell books to idiots — I dunno, anyone can write a shitty screenwriting book off a bad idea. Why can’t I?
  6. Sell books to Sovereign Citizens — But I repeat myself.
  7. Sell webseries, subscriptions, donations, as earnestly as possible to a dedicated fan group — Sovereign Citizens are one example. I’ve heard of a Christian movie production house that does this quite well.
  8. Just keep churning out ideas — It’s fun for me and no one needs to read them.
  9. Steal these ideas! — I’m probably never going to go back and read them.
  10. Read more. — Charles Stross’s Accelerando had some great thoughts about the gift economy.
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