Ten Years Ago
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Ten Years Ago

“Tumblr Generation” Posted on September 27, 2012

I liked this picture, I bet I would have liked it too when I was 22 https://feministfuture.tumblr.com/post/617224879494873088

Societies change inevitably, and we either go with the flow of any ocean and get somewhere — my fear is where this will all go — or we fight it and most likely get swallowed up by that ocean.

Everything is different, and I don’t even know when we started to change and became like this. But it’s either only in my head or real, and we are all too nostalgic for other decades.




What was like navigating my twenties, and what it is like to find how much I used to write back then.

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Araci Almeida

Araci Almeida

Writing about Portugal and Portuguese language;Pop Culture; Politics and Power. Owner of publication Fuck Capitalism and The Pop Culture Corner.

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