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SMB “Access is denied” caused by anti-NTLM relay protection



How to troubleshoot?

551 “SMB Session Authentication Failure” event

5168 “SPN check for SMB/SMB2 failed” event

auditpol.exe /get /SubCategory:"Detailed File Share"


reg query HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\LanManServer\Parameters\ /v SmbServerNameHardeningLevel
Get-SmbServerConfiguration | fl *hard*

How to configure the policy?

  • 0[default] = “Off”
    “The SPN is not required or validated by the SMB server from a SMB client.”
  • 1 = “Accept if provided by client”
    “The SMB server will accept and validate the SPN provided by the SMB client and allow a session to be established if it matches the SMB server’s list of SPN’s for itself. If the SPN does NOT match, the session request for that SMB client will be denied.”
  • 2 = “Required from client”
    “The SMB client MUST send a SPN name in session setup, and the SPN name provided MUST match the SMB server that is being requested to establish a connection. If no SPN is provided by the client, or the SPN provided does not match, the session is denied.”

How does this protection work?

Protocol support

Protection against NTLM relaying

Offensive security perspective

What do we recommend?

  1. The easiest solution, when possible, is to connect to the server directly, using its real IP (i.e., without NAT).
  2. Otherwise, there is a registry key which allows for declaring of a list of alternative names and IPs allowed through this mechanism. It is the SrvAllowedServerNames key, which must be created in “HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\LanmanServer\Parameters” with type REG_MULTI_SZ. This is described in this Microsoft support article “Description of the update that implements Extended Protection for Authentication in the Server service” and in this answer on ServerFault.
    We confirm it works (with both values enabling the policy):



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