20 Pictures to Wash Your Eyes Out With After That Debate

Petition to run these on the next debate night instead

This gerbil with exquisite taste in art (especially when it tastes like cardboard).

This pup who is broken, in a good way.

This cat who barely needs any encouragement at all to be your new best friend.

These cats who apparently JUST met?

The world’s Okayest pet.

This dog who just realized it’s a two-bathtime kind of day.

This cat who doesn’t even need an audience for his jokes.

A dog with a turtle hat.

A proud, salt-of-the-earth kitty with a contempt for luxury.

A dog who has a dog of his own.

Two expert sleepers.

This door-to-door sales-squirrel.

Two best friends watching a storm.

A dog who doesn’t play by your rules.

True love from inside a jack-o-lantern.

A cat with a smile so right they made a statue of him.

Two elderly pugs having a stroller meeting.

Dog Pyramus and Thisbe.

Your new QUEEN.

And the rare but beautiful occasion that is a kitten slumber party.

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Formerly editorial director @BuzzFeed. Currently editor @Tenderly and writer at large. Email: JackAShepherd at gmail

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