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We’re accepting new pitches, but you should read this whole post before you send us anything!

Summer Anne Burton
May 31, 2019 · 5 min read
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Tenderly is currently accepting pitches from new writers, as well as welcoming new ideas from writers who we’ve worked with before. Tenderly is a friendly and radical vegan magazine that publishes on and in partnership with Medium. We run reported pieces, explainers, opinion, photo collections, comics, personal essays, humor, original recipes, and more. We’re excited by truly fresh, new ideas, and by pieces that wouldn’t have a home anywhere but Tenderly.

You don’t have to be vegan to contribute to Tenderly, but you should know that we never run stories that condone animal exploitation in any form.

Tenderly aims to publish stories that have a strong, thoughtful, personal voice. Although we cover many serious and important topics, we try to do so with warmth and compassion for all, including non-vegans. We are always looking for stories that convey enthusiasm and warmth, that amuse and delight as well as inform. We’re also fascinated by diverse perspectives on animals, food, and veganism, and we are always eager to publish writers from underrepresented groups and stories from all over the world.

What to pitch Tenderly

We are currently commissioning in three broad topic areas:


We especially like to tell stories about animals that have been freed from exploitation — who they are, what they were rescued from, and who is helping them. We are also interested in personal essays about unique and compelling experiences with animals, relatable humor about living with and loving animals, and profiles of sanctuaries and rescuers. We’re eager to run more photo essays, especially those about the animals who are most often exploited by humans, and about the kind people helping animals who can help restore our faith in humanity. I’d love to receive more science-based animal pitches, on new research and discoveries about both wild and domestic animal intelligence, emotion, and culture. We’re also open to comics and more experimental pieces about animals and the bonds between us. Animal pitches are much more likely to be commissioned if there are high quality images available as part of the story.

Examples we love:


We publish essays about food made from plants, delicious original vegan recipes, and profiles of plant-based chefs and vegan restaurants all over the world. Our focus tends to mostly be on interesting ways to use vegetables, learning from vegetarian and vegan history, and strong family and cultural connections to eating plants. We also love dessert! We are always interested in covering new vegan cookbooks. We don’t think veganism is a diet, and we’re not focused on “healthy” so much as “delicious” and “satisfying.” Most of our recipes are accompanied by an interesting story. Delicious food can’t be tasted over the internet, but looking at it definitely helps — we expect high-quality, mouth-watering photos to accompany most of our food stories and all of our recipes.

Examples we love:


We want to run radical, smart, passionate stories that don’t have a home anywhere else on the Internet. Though we are grounded in certain principles, namely an opposition to the exploitation of animals, we also acknowledge that within the vegan and animal rights movements there is room for nuance, intelligent debate and passionate critique. We are looking for a variety of essays, profiles, well-sourced reporting, comedy pieces, and reviews that share a bold and fresh perspective on animal rights, ethical consumption, vegan living, or books/movies/art through a radical lens. Be sure to think hard about what a decisive and declarative headline for your piece could be, and include that in your pitch.

Examples we love:

How to pitch Tenderly

After reading all of the above, if you have a great idea for Tenderly — send it my way! Send your pitches directly to me — Please limit pitches to one to three ideas per email, and include an example of your piece’s headline and a brief summary. Please do not attach full-length, finished pieces to your email. Do include a link (not attachments) to a portfolio containing clips or direct links to previously published writing (if you don’t have any published writing samples, see below for information about blogging on Medium and submitting Medium posts to Tenderly).

Our commissioned pieces range in length from 500–3000 words, but most often fall between 1000–2000 words. Our rates range from $100-$400, varying depending on scope. Please include any specific rate requirements in your pitch.

We receive a lot of pitches; please give us 10 business days to respond before bumping your email. If your pitch is on a timely topic, please include “timely” in the email’s subject line.

How to work with Tenderly through Medium’s Partner program

If you…

  • want to write for Tenderly but have no published work
  • have a piece already completed that you’re hoping to find a home for
  • are a Medium writer hoping for additional distribution on existing posts
  • had a pitch for a commissioned post rejected, but really want to write your story anyway

… you might consider signing up for Medium’s partner program and emailing me any Medium posts (they can be unpublished drafts or existing published stories) that might be a good fit for Tenderly. We often run stories from Medium’s writers about the special bonds between humans and other species (especially dogs), plant-based recipes, cat humor, and passionate opinion pieces.

If we are interested in amplifying your story on Tenderly, we’ll let you know how to submit, make any edits needed for house style, and then distribute your story to Tenderly’s audience on Medium and on our social media channels. Payment will be through the Partner Program, and although Tenderly’s distribution will likely help increase your readers, we can’t guarantee any specific payment amount.

If you are promoting a new book or vegan product, email for coverage consideration. We do not accept payment for coverage or run advertising of any kind.


A friendly + radical vegan magazine dedicated to living well with kindness towards animals, care for the planet, and justice for all.

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A friendly + radical vegan magazine dedicated to living well with kindness towards animals, care for the planet, and justice for all.

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