Just 16 Things That Happened Recently That Didn’t Totally Suck

When there are just so many things that do, we gotta start sharing the un-sucky with each other

A woman with curly hair and glasses leans over a computer, smiling while holding a cat, with a bottle and glass of wine
A woman with curly hair and glasses leans over a computer, smiling while holding a cat, with a bottle and glass of wine
This is how I imagine you, dear reader. Been there, trust. Photo: Matilda Wormwood via Pexels

t’s been easy to get overwhelmed with bad news in recent months, and while it’s important to stay informed and active, it’s also important to give that overstimulated brain a bit of a break. In the interest of sharing with you what helps me, I’ve been collecting examples of things that have happened recently that don’t make the world worse, and might actually bring a smile to your face.

Good luck out there.

1. Someone’s very lucky mam met this nice farmer who gets so nervous when cars pass by that he has to hold his loving dog’s soft paw.

2. We found Chappie.

3. Maru fit into a new container.

4. I saw my new favorite drawing for the first time.

5. An exception was made.

6. In Auburn, Maine, Covid restrictions have led to a collaboration between the local library and the Humane Society. A series of adoptable cats have been housed in the library’s currently unused teen zone, where library visitors are allowed to say hello. Each cat featured so far has found a new forever home, and I’m wondering if libraries everywhere could please adopt this policy ASAP.

7. This kitten who needed a lap found a lap and this person who really needed a kitten found a kitten.

8. Just my cat, Kristofferson, sleeping next to my desk

9. And this sheep who reminded me of him…

10. Pigeon got to put on her chair!!!!!!!

11. These pups got hitched.

Image for post
Image for post
Photo: Jumpin’ Jac Flash Photography

12. Just… this… 🥰

13. Another cat who thinks they’re a dog emerged (and the dogs were so fancy!!!).

14. Jesse drew this very short, very important story about friendship.

15. This cat found their person…

16. And this dog found theirs…

P.S. Never forget.

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Editor-in-Chief and Founder of Tenderly. Former BuzzFeed exec. Moomin. Texan. Vegan for the animals. 💕

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