Vegans Of Color

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Vegans of Color

‘I have gratitude for all those years I spent in restaurants, [but I yearned] for being around just vegans and cooking just vegan food’

Chef E as he appeared on Chopped
Photo: Food Network

Vegans of Color

Learn her process for veganizing recipes, her Vietnamese home cooking staples, and find out how to make perfect Vietnamese spring rolls

Lisa Le smiles while posing with a plate of delicious noodles.
Photo: Katherine Sousa / Two Market Girls

Vegans of Color

Jamila Anahata is an activist, a healer, a metalhead, a marketing director, and a passionate vegan with so much to share

Photo of Jamila Anahata, wearing a witchy black outfit, looking at her tarot spread while reclining on a yellow bed
Photos provided by Jamila Anahata

Vegans of Color

The founder of a collective for women and non-binary POC reflects on how she found her community when she looked beyond white veganism

Amy Quichiz posing with her fingers held to her left temple in front of a backdrop of iridescent fabric.
Photo: Bridget Badore

Vegans of Color

The baker and entrepreneur has spent the last two years getting ready to open her first brick-and-mortar…. Now what?

Photos provided by Justine Hernandez

Vegans of Color

The Herbivorous Butcher’s co-founder discusses his vegan journey, his family’s love of food, and starting an animal sanctuary

Photos provided by The Herbivorous Butcher

Vegans of Color

Lemel Durrah, the chef and owner of Compton Vegan, on being his own boss and serving a community that has lacked access to delicious, healthy food

Photos courtesy of Lemel Durrah

Vegans of Color

The Mexican-American creator of ‘Queer Brown Vegan’ on decolonizing climate action — and his favorite veggie meatballs

Photo provided by Isaias Hernandez

Vegans of Color

The recipe developer and blogger recently returned home to the Philippines to learn from local culinary experts

Photos courtesy of RG Enriquez

Vegans of Color

The vegan YouTuber and yoga teacher on how caring for herself led her to help others do the same

Photos provided by Ashley Thompson


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