The 10 Best Vegan Food Trucks on Earth, According to Lonely Planet

From Texas to Australia, the new ‘Vegan Travel Handbook’ from Lonely Planet makes plant-based traveling a breeze

Summer Anne Burton
Feb 10 · 4 min read
Photo: Atikh Bana/Unsplash

When vegans travel, we’re often torn between a desire to authentically explore other cultures, including sampling local cuisine, and our commitment to eating and living without animal products. Luckily, lately our options are becoming less limited than ever, and there are plenty of adventures awaiting vegans in every corner of the world. In the new Vegan Travel Handbook, Lonely Planet has gathered many of those ideas and tips in a practical guide to traveling the world while committed to veganism, collecting inspiration if you’re not sure where you want to go next and practical advice if you’re simply wondering where to find the best doughnuts on your west coast road trip. I was especially excited to see them round up ten incredible food vegan trucks across the world. Food trucks have long been one of my favorite ways to dine, particularly because of how many chefs who wouldn’t otherwise have the capital to open a restaurant can try something exciting in a truck that is not as expensive to get off the ground. Here in Austin (Tenderly HQ!), we have become known for a diverse food truck scene that includes literally dozens of great vegetarian, vegan, and veg-forward options ranging from Wasota Vegan Paradise’s African cuisine to the best breakfast tacos of my life at The Vegan Nom. Anyway — here’s who Lonely Planet recommends, for your plant-based travel wishlist.


Everyone loves the convenience of a food truck: quick cuisine at usually accessible prices made by friendly entrepreneurs. And the vegan food-truck scene is especially thriving.

1. G-monkey, Connecticut, USA

America’s first vegan food truck has been lauded since its launch in 2010. Chef Mark Shadle has 20 years of gourmet vegan cooking experience and the truck runs on biodiesel fuel made from vegetable oil. Try the Zen Burger.

2. GoodDO, Udaipur, India

The GoodDO food trucks are making it easier to be vegan in India. With a menu supplied by Good Dot, renowned for its “mock meat” creations full of plant-based protein yet meat-like in texture, GoodDO’s goodies include vegan meat tikkas, chili wraps and vegan meat biryanis.

3. Totally Awesome Vegan Food Truck, Portland, Maine, USA

This ’80s-inspired van is done out in a striking pink and purple “synthwave” glow. Run by chef Tony DiPhillipo, TAVFT will make you smile with its Ruben U Been Waitin 4 (made with corned jackfruit pastrami), and nut- and gluten-free burgers.

4. Club Mexicana, London, UK

Craving piquant, hearty Mexican food? Club Mexicana serves pretty dishes stacked with handmade toppings and has a reputation for its juicy jackfruit burrito. Also on the menu are seitan, “bacon” (tempeh) and “tofish” (tofu) tacos, fully loaded nachos and, if you want to team a pint with your grub, vegan beers.

5. Staazi & Co, Adelaide, Australia

Bringing 100% plant-based food to Adelaide since 2017, the Staazi & Co food truck serves traditional Greek fare with a vegan twist. If you’re craving the likes of yiros, moussaka or spanakopita you can get them here, with plant-based “lamb” (TVP), “mince” (soy and pea protein) and “feta”
(made with nuts), all prepared by passionate vegan Anastasia Lavrentiadis.

6. The Cinnamon Snail, NYC, USA

Breakfast burritos, French toast…it’s all heavenly at this New York truck. You want a Beastmode Burger Deluxe? It’s a grilled ancho chili seitan burger with a stack of mouth-watering relishes and sides, on a pretzel bun.

7. Chef Veg’Anne, Strasbourg, France

Thanks to successful crowd funding from 253 backers, this vibrant green truck has been travelling around Strasbourg since 2016 and is known for vegan chef Anne Bavay’s organic burgers on homemade bread, served with beetroot ketchup and sweet potato fries. There are also generous salads, quiches and desserts, but for a real sense of place go for the Veg’Alsace burger.

8. Soulgood, Dallas, Texas, USA

At Soulgood, 5% of each purchase goes to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation to honor the memory of Tyler, the youngest son of founder Cynthia Nevels. She began experimenting with vegan food when Tyler became terminally ill. It’s all delicious, but if you’re new to Dallas have the Cowboy Bowl.

9. Rupert’s Street, London, UK

The yellow Rupert’s Street van changes its menu regularly, highlighting seasonal produce, which is good news for London growers and vegans. Depending on the time of year, you could try celeriac and potato cottage pie or beetroot and chickpea burgers. All packaging decomposes in less than twelve weeks.

10. Shimmy Shack, Detroit, Michigan, USA

A vegan, gluten-free food truck, Shimmy Shack has served American comfort food since 2013. Its black bean and sweet potato chili, and the milkshakes, have many fans.

Reproduced with permission from Lonely Planet © 2019


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A friendly + radical vegan magazine dedicated to living well with kindness towards animals, care for the planet, and justice for all.

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