The Art Installation That Changed My Perception of Animals Forever

I went vegan after watching people turn into birds in Marcus Coates’ “Dawn Chorus”

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The 2015 installation of “Dawn Chorus.” Photo: Fabrica Gallery / Youtube
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Marcus Coates. Photo: British Council for the Arts, Youtube

I deduced, from watching it, that I couldn’t possibly keep eating creatures whose existence was so much like my own but on a different frequency. It was like discovering the existence of alien life on a passing radio wave — something that finally breaks through the static just when you’re listening for it.

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The videos in “Dawn Chorus” were staged to match the locations of individual birdsong captured in Coates’ original recordings. Photo: Fabrica Gallery, Youtube

I’d offer that wondering what is going on inside other animals’ heads (also, making funny videos about it) is a far better use of your time on this planet than wondering how you should cook them.

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Wordsmith and essayist! Everyone’s a comedian. Canada-born, New York-based.

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