4 Things You Should Know About Gravity DEX Competition!

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2 min readMay 3, 2021


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Hello Cosmonauts!!!

Thank you for participating in Gravity DEX Competition! You are one of the frontier blockchain users who are exploring innovative DeFi(Decentralized Finance) space on new generation blockchain infrastructure.

The competition will be very exciting. But, to fully enjoy the experience, you should know several important information about the rules of the competition as below.

1. Action Score

To win the prize, participants need to not only accumulate profit, but also satisfy “daily action quests”. There exists two kinds of daily action quests, 1) SWAP in 3 different pools, and 2) DEPOSIT into 3 different pools. If you want to raise the action score, it is helpful to execute the quest everyday, measured in UTC timezone. The information about your quest status will be provided at lower right side of the Gravity DEX Competition website. Click the “paper” icon to see the detail information!

2. Market Distortion Events

B-Harvest will create two kinds of daily market distortion on the Gravity DEX Competition to encourage more active participation on the marketplace. There will be two kinds of events, 1) Pool price distortion, and 2) Pool trading volume acceleration. Keep your eyes at the top of the Gravity DEX Competition website to find the event announcement, and take the profit chance when it is coming!

3. Prize Distribution

Top 1/3 of the eligible participants will receive the competition prize. To become an eligible prize candidate, the participant should successfully execute swaps and deposits in at least 3 different pools for each action. The first rank winner will get 3 times more prize than the last rank winner. Other winners will receive prizes between the biggest prize and smallest prize.

4. Captcha Mandatory

To prevent prize distribution to bots, we will introduce “Captcha” process for every participant. To become an eligible prize winner, everyone should submit the captcha verification. The link for the captcha process will be announced on the top side of the Gravity DEX Competition website. Time period for the captcha process is 48 hours from the Competition launch.

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