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Devcon4 — Highlights, Lowlights & Hanging Lights

The yearly reunion for the decentralized family of Ethereans


Cosmos gave a talk presenting its SDK for building Web3-compatible pegged sidechains, with an added bonus — interoperability. Ethermint is an Ethereum Layer 1 horizontal scaling solution which allows dApps to run dedicated EVM instances across multiple interoperable blockchains. The talk by Christopher Goes articulates the details of how Cosmos SDK provides the technology to do this:


Alexey Akhunov gave an exceptional talk detailing the optimizations he discovered for each of the Ethereum clients (Geth & Parity Technologies) and for how to reduce the uncle rate on the p2p layer.

Status Hackathon

Team DADI giving the audience a demo of DADI’s vibrations.
Vitalik Buterin closing out the pre-Devcon party with a balloon and some Buterin magic.

Main Event

The 10,000-person venue, tucked away at Prague’s heart center in a 140,000 sq. ft. exhibition hall, hosted roughly 3,600 attendees.

Vitalik Buterin opened with a keynote laying out the roadmap of Ethereum.

The Swag

Devcon4 was a swag hunter’s dream.

From left to right: Shirts from ConsenSys Design, socks from Polymath, backpack from Hoard, shirt from Status, hoodie from Interchain Foundation (Cosmos).
The Cosmos Network had a sweet visual display of its test network with doges as full nodes created by Tendermint’s Chief Design Officer, Peng Zhong.

Dogemos Giveaway

Cosmos gave out dogemos tokens at their booth, sending 1,337 $DAWGs per ETH address submitted to our survey.

The Parties

Mainframe dApp Awards

Left to right: Rockaway Blockchain party. The laser door at MEW (Myetherwallet’s) Casper’s Castle Devcon4 afterparty on Halloween night.
The tower party. Photo credit: Matej Nemček ⚡ 孔子

Art Installation — Neptune Room

You couldn’t help but think you walked into the middle of a Burning Man camp instead of a blockchain conference upon entering the Neptune Room. But it’s exactly the kind of experience you’d stumble into at an Ethereum event. Something about the hanging lights reacting to the sound of a didgeridoo, mbira, and a Hang drum playing in concert created an atmosphere fit for a meditation or a nap after a long day of dense talks.

Special Guest Appearances

At Devcon4 and especially during Halloween, nothing really needs context. Some of the more unique characters who made appearances were:

The Pied Piper

The pied piper would play a song if you asked nicely.

Santa Claus

’Twas the night before DevCon, when all through the chain Not an Etherean was stirring, not even Vlad’s brain. The blocks were all hung on the blockchain with care, in hopes that Vitalik soon would be there. — Lane Rettig

Starring: Griff Green as Santa Claus.

A Caped Shapeshifter

Michael Perklin of ShapeShift.io traveled to Devcon by cape.


The people at Cosmos thought it was a good idea to give away Dogemos tokens as swag. And so, Dogemos — the ERC-20 — was born at Devcon4.

The Closing Ceremony

Aside from doge, the cats made equally high profile appearances.

Video credit: Matej Nemček ⚡ 孔子

The Faces


Cosmos is building the Internet of Blockchains, a web of interoperating blockchains which enables a deep integration of token economies.



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