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4 min readApr 30, 2021


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Guide Contents

  • Install kelpr wallet
  • Import a wallet address into Keplr
  • How to swap tokens
  • How to create a pool
  • How to add liquidity to a pool
  • How to redeem tokens from a pool
  • Price & Pool pages

Keplr Browser Extension

Step 1. Search “Keplr” in Google, click the second link
Keplr Installation Link

Step 2. Click Add to Chrome

Step 3. Click Add extension

Step 4. Click Extensions, then Pin Keplr

Step 5. Click Import existing account

Step 6. Enter the mnemonic of the wallet you entered into the application form. Also enter the account name and set a new password.

Step 7. Visit Gravity DEX website, accept for Keplr to add custom chain.

Step 8. Accept the access request

Step 9. Open Keplr, select Competition in the chain list


step 1. Click coin select button

Step 2. Select a coin to swap

Step 3. Enter the amount to swap, then click SWAP. Accept the transaction request in Keplr to progress

Step 4. Swap success

Create a pool

Step 1. Click the Pool menu, then click the Create a pool button

Step 2. Click coin select button

Step 3. Select two coins to make a pool

Step 4. Enter the amount of coins

Step 5. Accept the transaction request in Keplr to progress

Step 6. Pool created

Add Liquidity

Step 1. At the Pool menu, select a pool to provide, click Manage and Add Liquidity button

Step 2. Enter an amount of X coin

Step 3. Accept the transaction request in Keplr


Step 1. At the Your liquidity section, click Manage and Redeem button

Step 2. Set the proportion of the asset to withdraw, then click the Redeem button

Step 3. Redeem success

Price Board

Step 1. You can check the market price and pool price, also can find the price difference in percentage

Rank Board

Step 1. At Rank menu, you can find your scores and rank

Keplr Extension Account Mange

Step 1. Open Keplr, click the man-shape button

Step 2. Click the three-dot button, you may see the options like “View Mnemonic Seed”, “Change Account Name” and “Delete Account”. You can click the Add account to import other account or create a new account



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