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Tendermint Community Update — September 2018

You’re reading the second community update from the Tendermint team. This is where we showcase notable projects that are building their products with our flagship software: Tendermint Core & Tendermint ABCI. We also aggregate the latest in research and development from scouring the web to distill down the most interesting finds optimized for your best reading experience.

In September, Tendermint made one new full-time hire and formed key partnerships with two projects: Playlist and Sentinel. Read on to know more.

New Hire

Mircea Colonescu — Senior DevOps Engineer

Mircea joins us from a financial technology company. He’s well versed in Devops methods and is not a stranger to coding. He is working on maintaining the testnets and implementing new features in the cloud to support more stable infrastructure.

Project Spotlight


Tokenizing the Music Industry

Playlist is reinventing the music industry with the PLAY token and distributed consensus mechanisms. Playlist provides a fully licensed, ad-supported music streaming service that generates 10 times the user engagement of Pandora and Spotify. For the first time, token economics can enable millions of music fans to participate in the music economy. However, bringing Playlist users into the token economy right now would overwhelm conventional smart contract platforms. To overcome that challenge, Playlist is leveraging the unique capabilities of the Cosmos platform to bring incentivized cooperation at consumer scale.


Networking Layer for the Decentralized Era
Sentinel is a network layer for p2p or decentralized applications enabling users and organizations to create Public and Private networks that provide access to free, incentivized and payment-type (pre-paid, pay-per-use or post-paid) & distributed resources, enabling its clients to become both producers and consumers in the network.

Your Cosmos address via the Sentinel UI

Sentinel leverages the Cosmos-SDK, powered by Tendermint, to maximize the usability and efficacy of its dVPN application.

Sentinel UI

Bleeding Edge Ecosystem Research

CZ on Fortune Magazine

The article, The Future of Blockchain, According to the CEO of the World’s Biggest Crypto Company, was technically published in August but it’s nonetheless noteworthy to highlight that CZ (not giving crypto away) made a candid mention about where he sees the future of cryptocurrency headed. He envisions decentralized applications run not on smart contracts, but as their own blockchains, and he cited building blocks like Tendermint and Komodo Platform for potentially providing the foundations for the decentralized market of tomorrow:

“CZ thinks none of the current contenders are poised for long-term success because they are too slow…Instead, he thinks the existing blockchains will cede the field to more specialized ones.

CZ cited newer tools like Komodo and Tendermint that make it possible to write blockchains for specific purposes, suggesting the future will consist of numerous bespoke ledgers.”

We had not reached out to CZ or Fortune for this mention — it was entirely candid.

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