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Tendermint Inc is unbonding all of its ATOMs — but there’s no need to panic

First things first — we’ll need to unbond ATOMs ⚛️

Tendermint Inc’s Delegation Criteria

  • 100,000 ATOMs: represents the minimum amount of delegation, given to validators that generate value in the network but are part of the top 5 validators based on Voting Power.
  • 300,000 ATOMs: This is the baseline amount and every validator on this list has contributed in some meaningful way to the Cosmos Network. Former Tendermint Inc employees fall into this category.
  • 500,000 ATOMs: After much discussion, we ultimately decided that, while validators with large amounts of voting power have supported the ecosystem immeasurably, we wanted to support the lower 60th percentile validators who we knew pass the robustness test but who, for one reason or another, may not yet have as much “brand recognition” as bigger validators. The majority of our delegations will go to those validators at this amount. Current Tendermint Inc employees also fall into this category.
  • 700,000 ATOMs: This tier follows the same line of thinking as the 500K tier, except the validators at this tier have really stood out as outstanding Cosmos Contributors and have moved the dial for Cosmos user and developer adoption through the tools, integrations, meetups, UIs, and other awesome artifacts that they’ve created.

Live long and prosper 🖖



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