Torus — Seamless Key Management Built on Tendermint BFT

Feb 17 · 2 min read

Tendermint Inc. is joining other key ecosystem stakeholders in running a node on the Torus Network. Together with Binance, ENS, Etherscan, Matic Network, Skale, Zilliqa, and Ontology, we will be running a validator node that operates Torus’ Distributed Key Generation, Proactive Secret Sharing and Key Assignment protocol.

Why Torus?

Torus is a distributed key management system that lets users log into dApps in a single step through their Google, Facebook, Reddit, Discord, or Twitch accounts. Users are also able to resolve public keys/addresses from ENS Domains, Google (Gmail or GSuite) emails, Reddit usernames, and Discord IDs, regardless of whether the user has logged into Torus.

On the backend, the keys are generated in a distributed manner via Distributed Key Generation, built on Shamir’s Secret Sharing, amongst the network of the selected node operators and reconstructed when successfully authenticated on an integrity checked front-end javascript session, the key is erased once the tab is closed.

Mainstream Blockchain Adoption

Collectively, the Torus Network strives to establish a key management platform that will empower billions of people to leverage the benefits of blockchain technology without struggling with the usability associated with it. With seamless onboarding processes that users are familiar with, we’re excited to be onboard and contribute efforts to increase adoption within this space.

In tandem, Torus is actively working towards integrations with the account model in Cosmos SDK which will allow other ABCI apps using Tendermint to leverage the system. Find out more here.


Tendermint Inc is a software development company that…


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Tendermint Inc is a software development company that builds software & community for the Cosmos Network.

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