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Join our celebration! #TENFIPAYSYOU

On May 14, we’ll officially have been here for an entire year. We’re not waiting until 21 though… It’s time to party, now!

Calling all TENizens and BNB Chain users alike! Win a share of $20,000 and exclusive NFTs !

We’re super excited to announce how we’re celebrating TEN turning one year old. We’ve had an incredible year and we think it’s about time to celebrate and give back to the community that made us all we are — with a bang!

The current crypto market situation may be disappointing for a lot of people. So, teaming up with our favourite partners, we’re giving the BNB Chain ecosystem $20,000 reasons not to frown. TENizens, let’s welcome any new faces with open arms and show them why this is the greatest crypto community. Regardless if the market is up or down…


How can you take part?

The #TenfiPaysYou campaign will last until the end of the month. From May 14 until May 30 our partners and ourselves will host a series of giveaways. You will need to keep an eye out, and be ready. As each promotion will be shared via all of our socials where we’ll detail what tasks need to be completed in order to enter.

Mostly these will be via entering gleam competitions but there will be a creativity contest for any budding meme artists out there!

What’s the schedule?
The campaign will start on 14th May 2022 at 20:00 UTC and will run until 30th May 20:00 UTC.

May 14 — TEN X Biswap $5,000 Gleam Giveaway

May 16 — TEN X ONTO $2,500 Gleam Giveaway

May 18 — TEN X BNB $10,000 Giveaway
DATE TBC — TEN X RugDoc io $2,500 Giveaway
May 14–30 — TEN Community creative contest NFT Giveaway

Pssst… you could totally enter ALL of them if you wanted.

What about the NFTs?

Ooooooh, what could they be? I’m so excited I peed a little.

We haven’t forgotten about these! Alongside the $20,000 in $TENFI we are also giving away 10 exclusive TEN Finance NFTs. These NFTs will be the only ones of their type, and will be exclusive to this event only. We can’t tell you what they’re for yet, but trust us, they’re worth holding onto.

How to enter:
Throughout the whole campaign we want the community to flex their creative muscles and tweet the entries at us on twitter so we can see them. We want EVERYTHING! It could be a spicy meme, amazing artwork, (not that the two are mutually exclusive) or any other way you want to shout to the world about TEN Finance.

The only rule is to make sure it is original you add #TenfiPaysYou & #BNBChain to any submissions. All submissions must be posted by May 25th.

How will we know who won?

After all giveaways have ended we will be making a new post detailing the winners for each competition. Remember, you have to be in it to win it!
Good luck and many thanks to all that take part!

To stay up to date with all future announcements follow all of our socials:

Website: https://ten.finance/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TENfinance

Telegram Channel: https://t.me/tenfinance



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