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Roadmaps…they’re always a great indication of where a project is headed, or is intending on going, and for the most part, many projects meet or fail to meet some of these milestones.

TEN Finance, for the most part, has stayed true to its roadmap and completed most tasks thus far with respect to development of the platform.

Yes, I am personally aware of the many “fads” that have come and gone since we launched our YIELDEX, which we still feel is one of the great ways for entry into the DeFi world of Yield Farming in the simplest manner! The future is definitely now with the YIELDEX! The time for YIELDEX to shine is coming, and we’ll be front row to witness it!

Does TEN Finance FOMO? No, definitely not, we’re here to work for our community, for today, tomorrow and beyond!

I think everyone that has known/met me over the last several months, knows that I don’t break under the pressure of noise being made simply because something that is so obviously not sustainable and pure FOMO in the market.

TEN Finance is an evolving and growing ecosystem that must adapt and evolve with this ever changing space of DeFi, but not succumb to the FOMO tendencies of the crowds, as I always say, clear out the noise, put your head down and build.

But about what’s coming? What else are we working on?

TEN Finance Roadmap 2022 1H

First thing on the menu is TENLend!

Yes, TENLend is coming up and I’ll post my TENLend Medium piece soon for you all to get a grasp of the wonderous tokenomics (humor) that will be TENLend.

We are indeed doing some great things in that TENLend will be the first lending platform to share its fees with users on the BSC network! More to come on that with my upcoming release.

So, with TENLend basically done, and undergoing internal audits, along with trying to coordinate, and more than anything “design” the TENFI Holder A*RDROP! The basic premise is to allow anyone with 10,000 TENFI to receive an airdrop of the upcoming TENLend token at a set ratio, which we’ll announce shortly, but also to allow those TEN Lots holders with multiple wallets as well, we’re trying to be fair to everyone that has been a loyal TENizen to us and also welcoming for all new TENizens that will be introduced to TEN Finance via the TENLend platform!

TENSwap made a brief appearance late last year when we were going to have a basic DEX for our users, but then we wanted to think bigger and go bigger!

TENSwap has evolved and the model has changed since we first thought of it! What was to be a simple AMM/DEX on BSC alone, we will now be launching a multi-chain DEX Aggregator that pays TENFI holders, via TEN Lots, another way for the TEN Finance Ecosystem to grow!

We will soon announce our technology partners we are working with that will allow us to achieve what we’re looking to do!

In crossing over to a multi-chain/cross-chain DEX Aggregator, we will also be able to hop over to other chains, mainly EVM based, via bridge so that we wouldn’t have to issue a new “native” token, thus keeping our max total supply stable and not increasing for the sake of issuing new TENFI!

TENDAO is the next natural ascension of the TEN Finance ecosystem in that the TENizens of TEN Finance should and will have a say in all decisions of TEN Finance! While this is simple in thought, we want to make sure that whatever we do, we keep it as such, and ensure that it is a “Decentralized Autonomous Organization” as it’s meant to be, and not convolute the meaning of it!

The TENDAO will be simple and will be a DAO as it was meant to be!

TENLaunch is also something we’ve been in discussions within our team in that this can allow for new projects that can be incubated by TEN Finance and given a vault on TEN Finance by also getting a Farming Pool with our partner AMM’s in order to do this…however, this is still in ideation phase and needs to be such that our TENizens can benefit from such a platform! Again, any and all revenue made from the TENLaunch platform would be shared with TEN Lots holders!

The abovementioned items are the most pressing and nearest to being launched, along with going multi-chain somewhere within all that will be happening!

However, we are still working on TENSure, TENVerse (time will tell how ambitious this plan is!) and of course YIELDEX 2.0….how can we make something so genius yet so simple, better? We’re working on that!

As always, I thank you all for your continued support!



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