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Get 10,000 $TENFI to be eligible for the $LEND airdrop!

So, you’ve been a TENizen for the better part of the last year (we are grateful to you) and still have some TENFI?

Congrats! You’re about to get airdropped some $LEND tokens once we launch!

Don’t have $TENFI yet? There is still time before the deadline to register for the LENDrop!

There will be a deadline for new and old TENizens who have enough $TENFI to register for the $LEND Airdrop, as we call, the LENDrop!

The big question is…HOW do I get some $LEND tokens if I hold $TENFI?

See below all the ways you can achieve your LENDrop…

Have at least 10,000 $TENFI tokens! Don’t have enough? Buy some more! Don’t have any? Buy 10,000!

Have it staked in any of the following Vaults.

TENFI/BNB LP from Biswap

TENFI/BUSD LP from Biswap

TENFI/BNB LP on Beefy Finance

TENFI/BUSD LP on Beefy Finance

TENFI single staking

How does the LENDrop work?

For every 1 $TENFI token, you get 2 $LEND tokens as an airdrop!?

As an example, if you have the minimum of 10,000 $TENFI, you will receive 20,000 $LEND tokens, however, there is vesting and other requirements involved, see below.

In order to receive and continue to be eligible for the LENDrop, you have to maintain the minimum balance of 10,000 $TENFI tokens, if at any point, you sell your tokens and/or drop below the minimum, you forfeit your $LEND tokens!

The $LEND tokens will be distributed every 90 days after you have claimed the airdrop…

  • 3 month cliff, 25% released every 90 days, must hold $TENFI tokens to maintain airdrop, otherwise defaulted into rewards pool

In the coming days…we will have the LENDrop Claim Portal live for you to register for your airdrop! Once claimed and registered, you will then receive your $LEND tokens according to the vesting schedule posted just above, LENDropped into your wallet!

We thank you all for your continued support and we are looking forward to growing the TEN Finance ecosystem with you all!



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