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TENizens! The first #TenfiPaysYou has now ended 😭, but don’t worry! We’ll be back soon🤭
For now, keep reading to find out if you won a share of the $20,000 $TENFI prize pool!

During #TenfiPaysYou campaign, we saw many new faces joining our vibrant community, so we’d like to start off by giving anyone new a big hello! From everyone on the team and our passionate #TENizens ! If you are new, and missed the original announcement, the #TenfiPaysYou campaign was our way of giving back to the community to celebrate one whole year of TEN. The market had just taken a downturn and we wanted to remind everyone that bull or bear, we’re here to stay and as long as we’re still building…


Shhhh… Just tell me who won!
Okay, okay so we had $20,000 in prizes and the best partners on BNBChain to give these away with, so let’s check the results…🥁

Giveaway #1 — TEN x Biswap $5,000 Giveaway

To kick off the celebrations we were joined by one of our longest-standing partners, Biswap! Together we hosted a simple Gleam campaign and everyone who completed the task earned entries to win a share of $5,000 in $TENFI. We had over 2,500 eligible entrants but unfortunately, only 250 could win…

To see if you won the giveaway, check here !

Follow BISWAP’s Twitter Account — https://twitter.com/Biswap_Dex

Giveaway #2 — TEN x ONTO $2,500 Giveaway

Next up in the celebrations, was a giveaway with our friends at ONTO! This was another Gleam campaign but, with a twist! Again for this giveaway users had to complete all tasks to have a share of the prize pool, but we also wanted to reward the loyal $TENFI holders who had entered. $2,000 will be split between 200 gleam winners and the remaining $500 will be split amongst the top 3 wallets holding $TENFI who entered the campaign.

Check the winners list here !

Follow ONTO’s Twitter Account — https://twitter.com/ONTOWallet

Giveaway #3 — TEN x BNBCHAIN $10,000 Giveaway

The third and biggest giveaway was our promotion with the team at BNB Chain. As this was the biggest prize pool we wanted to do something special for the whole BNB ecosystem.

As you might know, TEN x LENDING is launching very soon and we thought everyone could get involved by learning and earning! So, within the TEN x LENDING Gitbook , we hid some secret codes and anyone who wanted to win a share of $10,000, had to find them to enter! The community responded very strongly to this more challenging entry, so we’ll definitely be doing something similar again. It’ll pay to keep those eyes peeled! 👀

Want to see if you won? Check the winners list here!

Follow BNBCHAIN’s Twitter Account — https://twitter.com/BNBCHAIN

Giveaway #4 — TEN x RugDoc $2,500 Giveaway

The fourth and final giveaway was with another of our dearest partners, Rug Doc. We share the belief in safety of users’ funds so closing #TenfiPaysYou with a collaboration this important to us just made sense. For this campaign the whole prize pool was simply split between 250 eligible entrants.

Follow RugDoc’s Twitter Account — https://twitter.com/RugDocIO

To see if you won the giveaway, check here !

Giveaway #5 — NFTs?

The final giveaway running throughout the duration of the campaign was a creative contest, but we only received a couple of entries… We realise there was quite a lot going on for the last couple of weeks, so although we wanted some new tasty memes to showcase we understand fully everyone might’ve been preoccupied with the $20,000 in $TENFI. With so many ways to earn from it, it’s not hard to understand why this took the focus.

Fear not! We’re cooking up a way for these TEN NFTs to be distributed in other giveaways coming very very soon!

The next question will be, when can we expect to receive these rewards? The team is working through distribution as we speak and should be completed within the next 24/48 hours. Keep an eye on your wallets and our socials as we will announce when this has been completed.

From all of us here at TEN, we can’t thank everyone enough for being here for over one year, taking part in these activities and celebrating with us. Remember, bull or bear we’re not going anywhere, and for as long as we’re building, #TenfiPaysYou .

Thanks for reading TENizens!

To stay up to date with all future announcements follow all of our socials:

Website: https://ten.finance/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TENfinance

Telegram Channel: https://t.me/tenfinance



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