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Get your TENFT here!

Collaborations are something of a dime a dozen these days in the DeFi space! And, if anyone hasn’t noticed yet, we don’t really collaborate to just fill up our “collaboration book,” we do it so that it can create a mutually beneficial environment for both parties involved in the said collaborations.

We have decided to collaborate on this NFT release with SCV.Finance, who we feel offer an amazing multi-chain portfolio tracker that tracks some of the top leading DeFi projects in the entire crypto ecosystem!

The terms of our deal were that we, TEN Finance, would use the funds generated from the minting of these NFT’s, which we call the #TENFT, to purchase TENFI tokens from the open market and take them out of circulation by burning them. The wallet address to track this is here…


Usually, in the past, each NFT cost about $10 BUSD to mint, which gives minters access to SCV Pro along with your TENFT, and thus will be the same for our collaboration as well with TEN Finance using our portion of the proceed for our #TENburn!

At this time, to qualify for these Limited Edition #TENFT’s you need to have 2,500 TENFI, either in your wallet or staked.

We are hopeful that we can get you all to participate in this event as it will be a beneficial event for TENFI token holders and a chance to own a piece of TENFI art!

We are excited for this and stay tuned for additional “challenges” we’ll have for our collaboration with SCV Finance.

Thank you for your continued support and we are looking forward to bringing you more fun collaborations that can contribute to the TENFI ecosystem.


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