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Major Update to TenFour: More Channels, More Coverage, More Contacts

We designed TenFour to be the easiest way to check-in your team and make sure they are safe in an emergency. We’ve been hard at work making TenFour even simpler. We originally built it for SMBs and non-profits. But we’ve seen lots of interest from security managers and human resources teams at large enterprises. They had specific feature needs: to manage larger contact lists automatically and to have more channels to reach their teams.

In response, today we’re releasing awesome new features including:

  • Voice Check-Ins: you can now ring a phone!
  • Global Coverage: 24 Country SMS coverage 2-way coverage with 1-way to 800 networks
  • Tools for large orgs: Search, Bulk Edits, LDAP/ Active Directory
  • Radically Simplified Onboarding

Here are the details:

1. Voice Call Check-Ins

On TenFour, you can already check-in via email, SMS, Slack and mobile app. Now you can send a voice call via TenFour, too! When authoring a message, you can select “Voice” as a messaging channel. The people you need to reach will receive a phone call from your organization. Your message will be read aloud and the recipient can respond via the dial pad.

2. Expanded SMS Coverage globally

We have added 2-way SMS integration to TenFour to 24 countries. That means you can send and receive messages on local numbers in all of these countries (plus anywhere those numbers are roaming). If you’re outside of those regions, we now have 1 way SMS coverage to over 800 networks, effectively giving you global one-way coverage. These users will receive SMS check-ins and can reply by following a link.

3. Bulk Contact Management

If you’re a large organization with lots of contacts, TenFour now lets you search and manage all your contacts.In a few clicks you can add them to groups, change permissions, send invites, or remove them from your organization.

4. LDAP / Active Directory

The new version of TenFour automatically syncs with LDAP/Active Directory. Organization owners can configure LDAP in their settings page. With CSV contact upload and now LDAP sync, large organizations can easily manage all their employees.

Bonus Features: Easier Onboarding, Sharing Check-ins, and Bug Fixes

We’ve cut down the onboarding process from seven to three steps. This will get you signed up and logged in with less effort.

Sharing is caring! You can now share the result of a check-in via SMS or email. Just click on a Check-In. In the upper right hand corner there is now a share button.

Lastly, we squashed a ton of bugs and made UX enhancements, like an improved check-in dashboard A-Z dividers for the people page.

We have a lot of other cool enhancements coming. Please let us know your thoughts and please recommend TenFour to other companies and organizations you think could use it. We’re trying to grow and would love your help!

Thanks again and we look forward to your feedback,

Charlie — Director of Product Management

Originally published at www.ushahidi.com on November 20, 2018.



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