Track your footwork using Apple Watch

Effective tennis movement is critical to your success on the tennis court. Proper tennis footwork can help you cover more court and prepare for the next return. Taking many small steps can help you adjust to the ball and enabled you to stay balanced and hit great shots.

The Apple Watch has built-in sensors that can track your fitness, including your steps count, distance covered, and heart rate. The raw data it collected is written to Apple HealthKit, a database that keeps track of all your health data. You can see this data using the Apple Health app from your iPhone, although it is difficult to make use of them.

Raw Steps Count in Health app

If you wear your Apple Watch to play tennis, and use TennisKeeper to log your tennis activities, TennisKeeper will read and correlate the raw data that is stored in Apple HealthKit for your match duration, and display them visually for you in a graph so that you can compare your footwork between matches.

TennisKeeper Steps Dashboard

For example, this graph shows the matches I played during the week of Oct 10, 2016. The top two doubles matches turned out to be two league matches I played during that week. Judging by the number of steps I took and my heart rate, I definitely ran more and worked harder during tournament matches than practice matches :-). Such insights from your data can be very useful if you want to better understand your tennis performance and progress.

To further inspire you to track your tennis activities and to reach for new health and fitness goals, your tennis activity will also be added to your Apple Health as a Workout so that you can get the credit in your Activity app. This means the calories you burned and the steps you took for tennis will be counted towards your daily Move and Exercise goals. Isn’t that cool?

Get Tennis Workout credit in Activity App